Did you know that something as simple as tapping on a drum can help reduce anxiety, stress, and ADHD issues, and improve your health?

It’s easy! Every time I drum with people, I see an instant release, stress melts away, and I see smiles. It’s backed by science and loads of medical research…and it’s loads of fun!

Drumming helped me heal and find my joy after an accident, so now I help others. As a Christian and a rock chick, my approach is a bit different from others out there. It’s an interactive experience, not a performance or a drum lesson. It’s a healing modality and a form of self-care…with a rock twist! I bring drums for everyone! I also do virtual sessions via Zoom!

Isn’t it time to rise up and rock? Let’s talk and see how drumming or drum therapy can help you or your organization!

I’m a Certified Drum Therapist, percussionist, drum teacher, and a Toca Percussion artist who proudly endorses Toca products.

Dori and her drums took our event to the next level! She taught 30 visually-impaired kids how to find their rhythm and to feel it in their core. They were rocking within the first few minutes and had an amazing time! The looks on their faces and watching them dance and drum was priceless! Thank you, Dori! ~ Kim Brucado Hudson, Equal Eyes Vision Services, Cary, NC