10 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Yourself

Businessman Thinking on StepsAre you having trouble getting ahead in your job or your business? I hate to break this to you but you might be sabotaging yourself.

Taking the blinders off

As I’ve learned, it’s often easy to see what others need to fix. Do you often see the mistakes in other people’s newsletters, blog posts, and social media posts but you miss your own? That’s because you’ve looked at it for so long that it looks ok. It happens to me all the time.

If you’re feeling stuck and can’t seem to break free, it may be because you’re sabotaging your own efforts. Don’ t believe me? See if any of the following sound familiar:

1) You think you’re right all the time and refuse to listen to helpful advice from others.
2) You skip opportunities that might be beneficial to you.
3) You’re often late for appointments or events or you miss them altogether.
4) You don’t invest in things that can help you grow your talent, your business, or your career.
5) You might actually invest in something or maybe you got it free, but you don’t use it.
6) You don’t bother to learn how to use social media effectively.
7) You go to events but you don’t network with people there.
8) You are afraid of being wrong or less than perfect, so you don’t take action.
9) You make excuses or play the victim.
10) You don’t keep track of your finances and you don’t charge what you’re worth.

If you see yourself in this list, take heart. You’re not alone. I have been guilty of many of these. What I needed to do was:

1) Take some time to step back and look at the big picture.
2) Trust myself more and stop switching gears, based on what I thought people wanted.
3) Stop giving so much time away for free or at a super-discounted rate!
4) Realize that my videos, blog posts, and newsletters don’t have to be perfect.

I created a new vision for my future, got in touch with my “why”, and I joined a coaching group to help keep me on track. And that made all the difference in the world.

Can you relate? Feel free to leave a comment!

Dori_Photo_300Dori Staehle is the Chief Encouragement Officer and Rhythm Maker at Rock the Next Stage. She helps creative types get unstuck and move their talent or their business onto the next stage and can also help alleviate ADHD symptoms naturally. Dori is also a motivational speaker, drum therapist, business and succcess coach, and author of a forthcoming book about overcoming adversity and starting a creative business on a shoestring. If you’re ready to move forward, contact Dori for a complimentary, 30-min. consult.