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Transforming Your Dreams into Reality

Santa_ornament_copyright_DoriStaehleHave you ever wished you could sit on Santa’s lap and ask him to for a new job or help you start a business? Maybe you’ve always wanted to travel. What would be on your wish list?

Making a list and checking it twice

I took a workshop and the instructor proposed the following activity: Make a list of 50 things that you’ve always wanted to do.

At first this seemed like an impossible task. The first ten were related to the business I had at the time.  As I struggled to figure out how to fill the remaining 40 lines, I realized that this could be my “bucket list” (things to do before you die, or “kick the bucket”).

Tip #1: Write down anything that pops into your head. Just keep writing.

Tip #2: Ask yourself what you would do if you only had a year to live.

Tip #3: Take a look at your list. Do you see a pattern?

Tip #4: Set a timeframe and get started.

A rude awakening

As I looked at my list, I realized why I felt so stuck.  I wasn’t having any fun! Other than the practical business stuff, the remaining items were things that I thought I’d do “someday”.

I was spending so much time in my head obsessing about the educational services company that wasn’t going in the direction I wanted. In fact, that’s all I talked about. If someone asked me how I was doing, I’d talk about the business.

“No,” a friend pleaded. “How are you doing?

The truth was, I had been going in circles for so long, I didn’t really know.

Christmas_angel_copyright_DoriStaehleCalling all angels 

However, I remembered that things don’t always go as planned. Our family has survived 5 layoffs and we’re still standing.

It seemed that whenever we felt we were at our lowest point, people seemed to appear out of nowhere to help out.  Often, these were people we barely knew.

I remember the time my husband got laid off right before Christmas and presents miraculously appeared on our doorstep.  Our pastor asked us what our kids needed and church members purchased everything on the list and then some.

Keeping the faith

We just needed to have faith and hold onto the belief that everything will be ok. It was the same with my injuries, which were sustained in an accident over 2 years ago. I set goals and hit every one. Sometimes there were setbacks but I was determined. The last goal was reached just last month.

I began reframing the accident and what I really want to be doing at this stage of my life. People began appearing at just the right time to help me move forward. I’m smiling, having fun again, and seeing what could be.

Dare to dream

Dream, pray, ask for help and guidance. Switch your inner dialogue to “I can’t” or “It will never work” to “What if?” and “Why not?” Miracles can happen. It’s Christmas Eve, after all.

Wishing you a season filled with peace, hope, health, prosperity, and happiness! 

Dori_RockerChick_jacket2013Dori Staehle is the owner and Chief Encouragement Officer at Rock the Next Stage. She helps people who are 40+ create businesses that rock and lives that they love. Her holistic programs get results! For a complimentary, 30-minute strategy session, click here.