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Changing Tides: How to Get Unstuck and Move Your Business Forward

Ocean_Isle_Beach_copyright_DoriStaehleAre you going through some changes in your business, your career, or your life? Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or confused? Are you baffled by the tons of information out there about growing your business?

Spinning Your Wheels

Most people are obsessed with the “How” and the “What”: What should I offer and how should I offer it? What’s the best way to market my services?

However, as I learned, you can take all the classes and workshops in the world, you can read books, you can sign up for tons of webinars and teleseminars, and you can attend hundreds of networking events – and still not get ahead.

Quantity vs. quality

I was doing all of the above activities, plus a ton of social media marketing and speaking to groups. Sure, I got a lot of kudos, Facebook likes, Twitter follows and re-tweets. Heck, I have well over 700 LinkedIn connections (You can use the above links to connect.)!

People liked my posts and my talks. I was funny. I was encouraging.  I gave people referrals. I commented on their posts and tweets. I’d include a special offer at the end of my talks and added special bonuses if they signed up on the spot. But no one did.

Goals_pad_copyright_DoriStaehleWhat’s your motivation?

I had to go back to the drawing board and figure out who I really wanted to serve and why.

It’s not enough to say you want to help people move forward in their business and get unstuck. Every coach says that.  It’s not even enough to say that I want to work with people who are boomers or 40+.

I had to tell them my “Why”.  But first I had to figure it out why this was so stinkin’ hard! The problem is, I couldn’t seem to put it into words. I couldn’t say it without crying or sounding too “Woo-woo”.

Speak your truth

Is there something that’s blocking you from telling your story or moving forward? Are you getting in your own way or sabotaging your efforts? What are you holding onto that you need to let go of? Whose voice are you listening to that’s telling you that you’re a failure and you can’t do this? Why are you playing small and not doing what you’re capable of?

These are questions I asked myself. I realized that I’ve been through some awful stuff for a reason. I would have preferred that the grand finale didn’t involve an accident that has left me with some injuries that haven’t healed nearly 3 years later. But I didn’t give up or lose sight of the fact that I can still help others.

So I decided I want to be the type of coach who offers more than just strategies. I want share my message of hope, healing, and encouragement. I want to help people get their mojo back and get in touch with their “inner rock star”. I want them to live a life that’s full of purpose, joy, and fun. Life’s short.  It’s time to rock!

Need some help with your direction and purpose? Let’s set up a time for your complimentary consult: dori@rockthenextstage.com.


Dori Staehle is the owner and Chief Encouragement Officer at Rock the Next Stage. She offers holistic business and success coaching and drum therapy for entrepreneurs who are 40+. In addition to holding an MBA, Dori has certificates in Christian counseling, drum therapy, and therapeutic drumming.