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8 Tips to Rock Your Brand and Stand Out!

Microphone_update!Are you having trouble attracting clients? You might want to ask yourself: Why do some brands or companies grab your attention while others remain forgettable?

Take Geico, for example. They can switch up their commercials all they want but their message is still clear: Save 15% on car insurance in 15 minutes. Plus, they’re funny.  However, what comes to mind with the department store JC Penney? Nothing.  And that may be why they’re floundering.

Penney’s is not sure what they stand for, who their target market is, or even how to craft a good slogan. In fact, they’ve switched it about 3 times in the past 2 years. Now it’s “When it fits, you know it.”  What the heck does that even mean? They keep missing the boat and sales keep declining.

Here are some tips to make sure this doesn’t happen to you:

  1. What do you offer and why? This is your story. Share it.
  2. Figure out who your target market is. Keep narrowing it down further and further until you really understand who your ideal client is.
  3. Interview people to see if you’re on track. What are they looking for? What’s important to them?
  4. How are you branding yourself? Is it clear? Or are people still unsure about what you do?
  5. What do your website and business cards look like? Did you choose colors that reflect your industry or your image? Are they easy to read? Do they look professional?
  6. Do you have social media accounts? Are you using them every day? Are you getting any interaction in the form of likes, clicks, shares, and comments?
  7. Can people see the person (or people) behind the brand? Do you have current photos of yourself and your employees or do people only see your logo?
  8. Is your personality or philosophy reflected in all of your materials, blogs, posts, tweets, and website? Do people get what you’re about or is it a mystery? 

There are many other factors to consider. However, these are good starting points. I’ve seen many awful websites and business cards among local business owners. Take a step back and view everything from the customer’s standpoint.  Take a look at brands or businesses that you like and compare notes. Does your brand need a makeover?

Which tip resonates with you the most? Feel free to comment below!

Dori_RockerChick_jacket2013Dori Staehle is the owner and Chief Encouragement Officer at Rock the Next Stage. She helps entrepreneurs get unstuck and rock their brands and their lives with confidence. To sign up for the newsletter or schedule a complimentary small business sound check, click here.