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4 Tips to Get Your Groove Back

woman-frustrated_PhotobucketDoes it feel like something is off either in your life, your job, or your business? As a musician and someone who has started over many times, I know what it’s like to feel like you’ve lost your groove. I also know how to get it back.

Tip #1: Learn to Listen

A percussionist has to match the drummer. If one of us is off, it will sound awful. It will also throw off the other band members. There are some drummers whose style totally matches mine. They have good timing and we’re always in unison. Others…not so much.

So what I’ve learned to do is just stop for a second. I take my hands off the bongos and congas and then I listen. I wait to hear where the drummer is headed and then I jump back in. Be open. Listen and pay attention.

Tip #2: Allow others to help you!

What also helps is to understand the unspoken language of other band members. When someone is off, we have little signals to get them back on track. It could be subtle head nods or the tapping of feet. I might grab some shakers or my tambourine and set the beat that way.

Don’t be stubborn or ignore the fact that others are trying to help you. Accept their help. Don’t forget to pay it forward and help someone else later down the line.


Tip #3: Let it go!

This is a tough one, especially for creative types who tend to be perfectionists. They won’t acknowledge all the stuff that they did that was great. They will instead focus on that one thing that did wrong.

Don’t obsess about it and let it go around and around in your head. Worrying doesn’t change anything or help anyone. You need to move on.

Tip #4: Don’t give up!

Sometimes we’ll start a tune and it gets messed up right out of the gate. Someone started in the wrong chord or it’s the wrong beat. We just laugh and say “Let’s try that again!”

After an accident and job loss in 2011, it seemed like I couldn’t get back into the groove. Everything felt like it was off. With a lot of faith and determination, I learned that you can always start over, try again, and find your groove. You can also start a business. 😉

Dori_RockerChick_jacket2013Dori Staehle is the owner and Chief Encouragement Officer at Rock the Next Stage. She coaches entrepreneurs, job seekers, speakers, and creative types to help them discover their natural rhythm and find their groove. Dori specializes in personal branding and clients with “ADHD” traits. She also plays percussion and offers drum therapy to help with clarity, focus, and stress relief.

A percentage of all coaching packages and sessions will be used for a scholarship fund to provide coaching for those in the local homeless shelters and local non-profits.

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