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3 Tips to Help Your Creativity and Talent Shine!

Art Benson. Photo used with permission.
Art Benson. Photo used with permission.
Is there something that you long to be doing but keep putting on the back burner? Your dreams are calling. They’re wondering where you’ve been.

Dreaming vs. Doing

As someone who is very active in the local music scene, it boggles my mind how some really original and very talented bands never seem to take off while mediocre bands get airplay. Do you ever see someone who is doing what you’d like to be doing and think: “That’s nothing special. I could do that!”?

Well, here’s the thing: They’re doing it. And you’re not. Dreams and ideas are great but they are worthless without action. You can’t just be a dreamer. You also have to be a doer.

Tip #1: Explore 3 things could you do right now to move your dream closer to reality.

art_paletteBut how am I going to make any money?!

This is how dreams get killed. Everyone tells creative types “Don’t quit your day job!” My own Dad, who once played with the jazz greats, told me to forget pursuing a career in the arts. He thought I should become a secretary because it paid well. I deliberately messed up in typing class so that this would not be a possibility.

No one ever told me that succeeding in the arts is often just a question of marketing, branding, and some really good contacts. The same applies to entrepreneurs. If creative types would accept the fact that they are indeed entrepreneurs and treat their craft as a business, they might actually be able to quit their day job.

Tip #2: Identify your differentiator. Determine what makes you stand out and start thinking of different ways to market that.

So, I have to ask you: If money were no object, what would you do? If you’re not doing it now, could you carve out some time each day to start?

Tip #3: Just take the first step – and keep going!

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Dori Staehle is the owner and Chief Encouragement Officer at Rock the Next Stage. As “the drum chick with an MBA”, she helps solopreneurs, speakers, and creative types start or grow a business that is aligned with their natural rhythm. She has holistic coaching programs that can help you rock your biz, rock your brand, and rock your life. To book Dori for drumming or speaking events, click here.