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Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

jack o'lantern_1 Do you have a fear of marketing and promotion? For many creatives and solopreneurs, there are 5 things that are even scarier than a zombie apocalypse:

1) Self-promotion
2) The fear of being seen
3) Public speaking
4) Marketing
5) Asking for help

The clues

While #3 is fairly universal, #1 and #2 aren’t always obvious. However, it’s easy for me to spot quickly. I just take a look at their website and social media profiles and posts.

I help people with personal branding and I keep it real. If the person’s photo is nowhere to be found, then we have not only a branding problem but also the fear of being seen. So I have to ask them “What are you afraid of?”

Tip #1: People want to see the face behind the brand. Stop worrying about what other people think and put up a nice photo!

scary_treeWhat’s really scary

Have you ever gone to a state fair, carnival, or area attraction that had a “haunted house” or a “fun house”?

You never know what might pop out at you, so it’s hard to relax. In fact, some people let their imaginations get the better of them and they just want to close their eyes or try to run out as fast as they can. Of course, if someone gave you the tour with the lights on, you’d see that there is nothing to be afraid of.

And that’s how it is with marketing and branding. People often make it harder than it needs to be. Some also try to ignore it, hoping it will go away.

Tip #2: You don’t need to be on every social media platform. It depends on where your clients or fans are and what your comfort level is. You can also hire someone.

sparkly maskRemove the mask

Once I switched gears and started Rock the Next Stage, I realized that I had to step away from my laptop and go to local networking meetings. Now, I’m quite comfortable standing on a stage in front of 1,000’s of people. Networking meetings? Not so much. I didn’t know what to say or which Dori they wanted to see.

Tip #3: Take off the mask and show people the real you! Be authentic and remember to share your “why”.

So, when it comes to your talent or business, what are you afraid of? Feel free to leave a comment below!

Dori_Photo_300Dori Staehle is the Chief Encouragement Officer and Rhythm Maker at Rock the Next Stage. She helps creative types get unstuck and move their talent or their business onto the next stage and can also help alleviate ADHD symptoms naturally. Dori is also a motivational speaker, drum therapist, and author of a forthcoming book about overcoming adversity and starting a creative business on a shoestring.

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