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What’s Your One Word for 2015?

Happy New Year_FireworksCan you believe 2014 is almost over?! It’s that time of year when people start making New Year’s resolutions, mapping out game plans, or think about making changes.

Soon, the parking lots at local gyms will be packed. However, interest usually wanes in about 2-4 weeks. This doesn’t apply to just weight loss goals but most any resolution. So, why don’t New Year’s resolutions stick? I believe it has to do with having a game plan and setting expectations.


1) Focus
2) Willpower
3) Determination

These 3 traits are pivotal and yes, the acronym is the abbreviation for “forward”. If you’re going to move forward, you’re going to have to make some changes. You will need to set up a new system and you’re going to have to be consistent in your efforts.

One way to stay focused and on track is to pick your word for the year. This could be a word that sums up your goals, your mission, how you’d like to feel, or something you’d like more of.

It could be something like “abundance”, “happy”, “calm”, “healthy”, “thin”, or whatever fits for you. What would your one word be?

focus_woman_with_signTaking the next step

Now that you have your word in your mind, write it down or type it up and print it out. Put it up near your desk as a daily reminder. If you want to get creative and artsy, you could design a collage or vision board around your word.

Just looking at the word isn’t enough, however. What’s really needed is to write down some action steps that you can take that will help you achieve that goal within a certain time frame. For example, if your goal is to lose 30 pounds, it’s not going to just magically disappear. Your business is also not going to magically blossom without a strategy and a shift in mindset. Sorry for that reality check but there you go.

In both cases, you need to surround yourself with positive influences and you might need a coach or personal trainer to help keep you on track. Yes, I can help with business and success coaching, if you need. You can snag a complimentary consult here. Life’s short! Let’s rock!

Dori_Photo_300 Dori Staehle is the Chief Encouragement Officer and Rhythm Maker at Rock the Next Stage. She is a speaker, coach, and drum chick who specializes in creative types with ADHD traits. Her forthcoming book is packed with tips to help you rock your next stage!