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Is it Time to Hit the Reset Button?

Reset button on white backgroundDid you set goals or resolutions in January that have already gone by the wayside? Maybe it’s time to press the reset button.

Lessons learned from my cell phone

Technology is great – when it works! My cell phone taught me quite a lesson last week. It must have gotten overwhelmed with trying to update too many applications at once or perhaps it was just a lack of storage space. For whatever reason, it just shut down.

Disappointment turned to anger and frustration. I then realized that my phone wasn’t the only one on overload! Between trying to finish my book and keep up with my business, I was starting to feel overwhelmed. Being a solopreneur can make you feel like you’re about to hyperventilate! Here are some tips to help you stay sane:

1) Cut yourself some slack! You can’t do 1,000 things at once! Don’t beat yourself up (or smack your cell phone!). Take it one step at a time.
2) Identify your triggers. What is making you feel overwhelmed? When have you felt this way before? What do you need to move forward?
3) Breathe and give yourself some space. Step away from the issue for a while. Time can give you a fresh perspective. Consider delegating some tasks or asking for help.

cell phone_nexusHitting the reset button

Now you can hit the reset button and start over. Take the time to see what you may have missed and start brainstorming alternative solutions. Ask others to brainstorm with you. It helps to ask people who have walked the same path.

Creative entrepreneurs often have too many ideas. It’s easy to get sidetracked and suffer from information overload. Stress can create ADHD-like symptoms, so you need to take care of yourself.

As for my phone, I just let it be for a few days. I evaluated my options and considered whether I should have it repaired or replaced. I tested it every day for three days to no avail. On the fourth day, it decided to come back to life. Like me, I think it just needed a break.

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