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Want More Clients or Fans? Show Them Some Love!

Red roseAre you gaining more clients or fans or are you feeling invisible? Does it feel like you’re standing all alone on the dance floor?

The Invisible Woman

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and the waiter or waitress acted as if you were invisible? I had this happen to me twice recently. I was ready to order but there was no server in sight. I tried to flag one down to no avail. Finally, one showed up –and walked right past me to go to another table! I thought “What I am I? Invisible?!” I wasn’t feeling the love!

You really don’t want to mess with someone who is hypoglycemic – and is an Italian from New Jersey! It’s enough to make you want to walk out and go elsewhere. Now, ask yourself for a moment: Are you doing this with your clients or fans?

Let’s Dance!

Whether you’re trying to start or grow a business or get more fans to come to your shows or exhibits, it’s all about building relationships and building trust. It’s actually a lot like dating. You don’t want to ignore your date or leave him or her hanging. You also don’t want to come on too strong.

You may want to try reaching out to your clients and fans and connect on social media. Instead of just hitting the “connect” or “friend” button, talk to them! You could:

1) Comment on their posts.
2) Ask questions.
3) Offer a freebie of some sort, such as free info or a free download.

You could also lead them to subscribe to your newsletter, blog, or YouTube channel. That way, you’re offering them more free stuff and you’re keeping the conversation going. However, be careful not to badger them and push them to buy something. You certainly wouldn’t propose on the first date! A relationship takes time.

You need to build that trust factor first. Don’t be a stalker and randomly message someone on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn or via email and then go for “the sell”. You also want to avoid pitching your stuff or your shows in every single post or tweet. You’ve got to mix things up to keep the romance going.

If you show an interest in them, then maybe you’ll get asked onto the dance floor.

View More: http://em-grey.pass.us/new-years-mini-sessions-dori-web-optimizedDori Staehle, MBA lives outside of Raleigh, NC and is the owner and Chief Encouragement Officer at Rock the Next Stage. She helps creative types, speakers, and solopreneurs take their talent or their business onto the next stage. Dori is a business and success coach and personal branding specialist. She is also a speaker, drum therapist, and author of the forthcoming book, Find Your Divine Rhythm. In addition to playing percussion in a band, Dori is a former dancer and has spent many years on the dance floor.

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