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Signs that You’re Not Dreaming Big Enough

stage_microphoneHow big are your dreams? Are you pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone or are you still playing it safe?

Maybe you want to start a business or take your talent to the next level. Perhaps you want to move ahead in your career. If you’re still where you were last year and you’re waiting for your ship to come in, here’s a hint: Get off the dock and into the boat!

Signs that you are holding back include:

1) Not taking advantage of opportunities
2) Making excuses as to why you can’t do something
3) Doubting your abilities or the outcome
4) Sticking with what you know, even if it’s not working

The real reason people don’t move their dreams forward

It’s easy to fall into a pattern of underachievement. Sure, you have successes but are you where you want to be? If the answer is no, then there is something holding you back. It’s not time and it’s not money. Those are easy excuses. It’s fear. It’s fear of failure, fear of what other people will think, or it could even be fear of success. You might wonder what people will think of you. Who will you be if you really “make it”? What if you mess up?

So you wait and wait and put your dreams on the back burner.

Unlocking your potential

double doorway with blue sky and flare illustration
double doorway with blue sky and flare illustration

What I’ve discovered in my years of working with gifted, talented, and creative kids and adults is that the ones who hold back are often the ones who have amazing skills. They just don’t know it. They also don’t realize how far they can take it.

Moving forward is not only a question of the right opportunities but it’s also a question of the right mindset. This can be improved with coaching and therapeutic drumming. Both can help you reset your personal rhythm.

If you get thrown off course, visualize your dream and keep taking steps that will bring your closer to realizing it.

One of my young clients, Jason Damico, won best male rock artist at the Carolina Music Awards last weekend because he kept his vision. I have another who needs to audition for the show The Voice. Listen here and you’ll see why. (Note to Adam Levine: Taylor’s tune “Don’t Give Up on Me could be a hit and a future theme song. Just sayin’…)

Start a vision board and find a mentor!

As for me, a fellow speaker heard the premise of my book and asked me if one of my goals was to do a TED talk. He asked me if I have a vision board and if I had “TED talk” on it. I confirmed that I did. Now, that my intention has been “outed”, I know he will hold me accountable. As a TED speaker, he’ll also be a great mentor. Part of me is petrified to speak in front of that many people but I have to practice what I preach and go for it. Stay tuned!

What’s your big dream? I’d love to hear it! Feel free to leave a comment below!

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