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4 Ways to Create a Success Mindset

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Want to know a secret? You don’t need tons of experience to succeed. It’s more about timing, tenacity, talent, marketing, and a whole lot of attitude. Success also depends on your mindset.

As I said in my last post, you can’t be a dabbler. You have to be a doer. It pays to have some key strategies in place. You also need to believe that this will work.

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Adding some attitude to accounting

Although I’ve worked with many bands and solo artists, one of my favorite clients actually isn’t a musician. She’s an accountant – but not your typical accountant. Michelle Coard had an impressive array of services but her business was stalling.

When we first met, we not only had instant chemistry, I had instant ideas. I had some creative ways she could grow her biz but I told her something that probably freaked her out: “You have the potential for a movement here. I hope you know that.”

She had a second business that was more like a ministry. What I saw for her was way more than just taxes, budgeting, and P&L statements. She had an obvious target market that she hadn’t identified, she had an inspiring story, and she had loads of potential as a speaker and trainer. She just didn’t know it yet. There was also a common thread of both businesses that needed to be pushed to the forefront.

Michelle needed some creative strategies to boost her biz and her brand but she also needed a confidence boost to help her take things to the next level. Her mindset needed to shift. Michelle took her coaching assignments and my recommendations very seriously – and she knocked it out of the park! What also helped was sneaking in some of my special drumming techniques. They boosted her clarity and creativity so well that she continues to come to my drumming events.

This lovely lady now has some attitude and major confidence and she’s rockin’ it! Check out her website here and sign up for a complimentary consult to hear the many ways she can help you with the structure and tax side of your business.

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Creating a success mindset

Success doesn’t happen overnight. Loads of degrees or a fancy website won’t matter if you don’t have the following four elements:

1) Burning desire to further your business, career, or mission
2) Willingness to learn new things (and apply them!)
3) Trusting your intuition and listening to your heart
4) Belief in your vision and yourself; staying the course

If you’re feeling stuck or at a crossroads, rate yourself in these four areas, on a scale of 1-10. What do you need to adjust? Are you willing to do what it takes to move forward?

Does your business, career, or confidence need a boost? Let’s chat! I’d love to find out more about your hopes, dreams, and talents to see how you can rock your next stage! Check out this quick video to see what I’m talkin’ about!

View More: http://em-grey.pass.us/new-years-mini-sessions-dori-web-optimizedDori Staehle is the Chief Encouragement Officer and Rhythm Maker at Rock the Next Stage. She lives in the Raleigh, NC area and offers business, success, and ADHD coaching for creative and talented people. Dori is also available for motivational speaking, therapeutic drumming, and fun drumming events and is the best-selling author of Finding Your Divine Rhythm: A Creative’s Success Formula.