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Is Your Family Supportive?

businesswoman looking criticalDoes your family get what you do? Do they understand how much your business or career means to you?

Maybe they make jokes like “Don’t quit your day job!” or “How are you going to make money doing that?” Creative types and entrepreneurs have been dealing with these questions for decades.

Building strong ties

I’ve been married for 34 years. I’ve been an entrepreneur for 21 of those years and in a band for the past 10. My husband is not an entrepreneur or a musician but he is very supportive.

He knows what my businesses have meant to me and how working for others has never worked out. He’s never tried to talk me out of it, even on my worst days. He gets it because I do the following things below. Maybe these tips will help you as well:

1) Include your family or significant other in discussions about your business or music to keep them in the loop.
2) Own your business or talent and take full responsibility. Try not to whine or complain too much. Focus on the positive. Otherwise, you’re giving people way too many opportunities to talk you out of it.
3) Give family members, spouses, or partners a chance to be supportive or involved. My husband is great on the financial side and he’s an awesome sound guy! He also has a good musical ear and sometimes gives me a second opinion when I’m screening bands. You don’t have to include family members but they if they have the skills and the desire, then it might be worth considering.
4) Make sure you tell your family you appreciate their support and how much it means to you. If you’re a musician or singer, don’t forget to mention this once in awhile when you’re on stage. Never forget where you came from.

Female singer on stageA lonely road

I’ll never forget when a young musician was loading in for a gig. I’m not sure what happened before the show but he said that he thought it was great that I supported our kids’ musical talents. It suddenly dawned on me that I had booked him for many teen band nights and other shows but I had never seen his parents. I told him that I never had any support as a kid, so now I help others.

I know that parents mean well. Sometimes they’re just scared. A Mom once told me that an Indie record label was looking at her son’s band but she wanted her son to finish college. I told her that her son was extremely talented and didn’t seem like someone who would enjoy college. “If it were my kid, I’ll tell him to take the record deal. He can finish college online, if he likes. He may only get a chance like this once.” He took the record deal. He and his band toured the world.

Being a full-time musician is just like being an entrepreneur. It can be a lonely road and really overwhelming at times. Having your family on board can make all the difference in the world.

How about you? Have you told your family how much your dream means to you? Maybe you need to. Maybe you also need to remind yourself. Feel free to comment below.

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