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4 Signs That You’re Ready to Succeed

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Most musicians and entrepreneurs think they’re ready to succeed. It seems obvious, right? Unfortunately, they don’t always do the things that will propel them forward.

Things that will stall your career

I’ve worked with loads of entrepreneurs, musicians, and singer/songwriters. Whenever I met someone who didn’t seem like they were growing or moving forward, I noticed some common elements. Full disclosure: I’ve been in at least one of these categories as well.

1) The Spinning Plate Syndrome: This person is the ultimate multi-tasker. He or she sure is busy but is not spending time on the things that really matter.

2) The Bright Shiny Thing Syndrome: It’s hard to stay focused when everything seems so interesting! This person is all over the place, switches gears and styles often, and can never seem to stick with a decision.

3) The “I’ll Just Wing It” Syndrome: Why do things in advance when you can do them last minute? This person is often late for practice and gigs, doesn’t know what’s on the set list (or doesn’t have a set list), doesn’t read emails or contracts, doesn’t always follow up, and has no set schedule or game plan.

4) The “Lone Wolf Syndrome”: Ah, yes. The person who thinks they don’t need any help. They’ve got this. They don’t need to fix or change anything. They don’t connect with others or check out others’ performances or shows, so they think they’re fine. They don’t realize that their vocals, stage presence, songwriting abilities, marketing, or branding need serious work.


How do I know someone’s ready? There are generally 4 signs:

1) Committed & Coachable: Yes, they have to be talented. They also need to be committed, coachable, and willing to push past the “hobby phase” to make this a viable career.

2) Marketing Savvy: Knows the importance of marketing. This includes professional photos, a great looking website, videos, newsletter, and active social media pages.

3) Invests in his or her career: This includes lessons, coaching, hires people to help them, takes workshops, owns good gear and amps, has a decent demo or CD, and has merch.

4) Confidence: Owns the stage! Doesn’t get easily rattled. Great stage presence and confidence that says “I was born to do this.”

Things fall into place when you’re willing to take the steps you need to grow. When you make the decision to succeed and you have a game plan, clarity and opportunities generally follow. I’ve seen it time and time again and I’ve experienced it myself. When you honor your talents and dreams, things shift. The question is…are you ready?

How about you? Which points resonated with you the most? Feel free to leave a comment below. If you’re ready to rock your next stage, contact me and let’s chat!

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