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Do You Have a Solid Brand?

How much thought have you given to branding? It’s something that you need to consider, whether you have a business or career. Branding goes way beyond your logo, the fonts or colors you use on your website, or your look. Yes, all of this can be part of your brand but in reality…

Your brand is how others perceive you. It’s what you offer, what you bring to the table, and what comes to mind when your name comes up. If you think of your favorite brands, what pops into your head? For example, Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts both offer coffee yet their brands and their clientele are totally different. Do people understand your brand and what you have to offer? Do you?

Branding mistakes

This week, I’m featuring local branding expert Annie Franceschi, with Greatest Story Creative. Why would I feature someone else in the branding field when I help people with branding?

Well, my coaching process starts with diving deep to release who you are, what you want to offer, and to whom. I then can come up with creative ideas for a tagline, your look, income possibilities, etc. You really need to nail all this down before you think of hiring a designer or a branding agency.

Annie finishes the process. She designs websites, logos, and videos to help you create a stunning visual story. This comes naturally to Annie, since she used to work for Disney! I asked Annie to share some common branding mistakes that people make.

• You Started By Designing Your Logo First.: Does your logo have a strategy behind it that works for your ideal clients? Spend 10 minutes today brainstorming what your logo needs to communicate and who it needs to communicate to. List out what changes you need to make or have a designer make to better reach your prospective clients. (Learn more best practices on logo design in this article).

• Your Website Dated-looking and Poorly Organized: If your site is feeling dated, hard to navigate (or both!), do everything you can today to clean it up and make it easy to get to your most important content and calls to action. If you need to move to a more modern platform, consider Squarespace.com. (Make your website even easier for Ideal Clients to navigate using the exercise in this article).

If you enjoyed these tips, discover the other 3 major branding mistakes Annie sees in her FREE video training, “The Top 5 Branding Mistakes Small Business Owners Make.” You can grab your episode as Annie’s gift right here.

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