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Improving Your Focus

Has the train gotten off the track? Or maybe it never left the station. Since it’s “ADHD awareness month,” I’m going to offer a few thoughts on why so many of us lose focus. Hint: It’s generally not ADHD.

What is occupying your thoughts?
Creatives and entrepreneurs tend to have way too much on their minds. This causes us to get sidetracked, worry too much, or feel overwhelmed. What are the general themes that keep playing in your mind? Most adults I’ve worked with obsess about the following:

1) Finances: Inconsistent income or no income.
2) Family: Worrying about family members, trying to balance work and family, or both.
3) Feeling that they’re falling short: Feeling that they can’t keep up, measure up, or do enough.

If you journal, take a look at the themes you keep writing about over and over again. If nothing is changing and you’re still dealing with the same issue or issues, then maybe you need to flip the switch and reset your mindset. Here’s another truth bomb: Just because you have trouble focusing doesn’t mean you have the mysterious condition called “ADHD!” It’s not a given. There are hundreds of underlying issues that can cause ADHD issues.

Focusing on your strengths

If you have lots of ideas, this is the sign of a creative mind. You may even be gifted. Yes, gifted as in “giftedness,” which includes those who are intellectually gifted, talented, and/or creative. There are also other categories and traits you can possess, including leadership. I’m not talking about the terms “academically gifted” or “academically talented.” Those terms are completely bogus and focus only on achievement! Getting good grades doesn’t mean you’re gifted. It means you know how to study, memorize information, and play the game.

According to Dr. Linda Kreger Silverman of the Gifted Development Center in Denver, giftedness includes high levels of intelligence, creativity, and asynchronous development, as well as heightened sensitivities. This also makes us easily distracted! So what do you do? None of my clients needed medication. They needed a system that worked for them and considered their strengths. They also needed to:

1) Try my special ADHD diet to improve focus and regulate blood sugar.
2) Add movement or exercise or try drumming.
3) Unplug from their devices and go out in nature.
4) Use a scheduling system that works.
5) Focus on strengths and successes.

Here’s another tip: Don’t let the naysayers get to you. This will mess with your head. You are not broken or defective. You were created this way for a reason.

Don’t lose sight of your vision, your mission, and the gifts God has given you. Remember:
1) Be you!
2) Focus on your mission and your vision!
3) Be persistent!
4) Keep the faith!

If you need help, I offer private and group coaching to help you set and reach your goals – in 3 months or less. If you want to try drum therapy to help you focus, we can arrange that as well.

What do you do to stay focused? Feel free to leave a comment below!

Dori Staehle, MBA lives in the Raleigh, NC area and is the owner of Rock the Next Stage and Next Stage Drumming. She has been a coach and advocate for gifted, talented, and creative kids and adults for over 20 years and is the author of the study known as The Gifted/ADHD Connection. She helps people get unstuck and break free from what’s holding them back so they can rise up and rock. She’s also a drum therapist, the best-selling author of Find Your Divine Rhythm: A Creative’s Success Formula, and a rockin’ speaker with a great bounce-back story! To contact Dori, click here.