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Restoring Your Rhythm

It’s been a rough season for many. It may be time to focus on restoring your rhythm. Between an upsurge in COVID cases and a constant barrage of bad news, it can be very overwhelming. If you’re a sensitive soul, it’s even worse.

So, what do you do? You’ve got to take measures to restore your personal rhythm and maintain balance, in order to maintain your sanity. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and get ready for some tips and musings.

When things unravel

Imagine having to load and unload about 18 hand drums and a small speaker from your house to your car to a building and back out again in 90 degree heat with extra humidity. Imagine that, instead of a group of kids who were eager to drum, you got heckled. Seriously?!

When I went to pack up my drums, I discovered the one in the above photo. I looked at it and I thought: “I know how you feel. Tough crowd.”

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or like you can’t catch a break, here are some tips that might help:

1) Regroup: Schedule some daily down time. Step away from screens and regroup.
2) Release: Let go of the way you think things should be. This just causes anxiety and stress.
3) Restore your rhythm: If something’s off, do something that gives you joy.
4) Reach out: Reach out for help when needed. Don’t go it alone.
5) Reach up: Keep the faith and keep connecting to God.

Inspirational book
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(Book cover design: Desiree Bonner of DH Virtual Solutions)

Getting back up

If you’ve read my books or have been following me for some time, you know that I’ve had many setbacks. But I always managed to get back up. This took a lot of faith, strength, and perseverance.

If you feel that you could use some help, please reach out and schedule a free call! I have several services that may help you, some are private, virtual sessions and others are group drumming programs (virtual and in-person).

Here’s a video that explains a combination that is very effective. You don’t have to go it alone! If you need a boost, let’s chat!

Dori with DjembeDori Staehle, MBA is from the Raleigh, NC area and is a certified drum therapist, percussionist, mentor, ADHD specialist, Toca percussion artist, inspirational speaker and author, and owner of Next Stage Drumming. Dori’s mission is to help people get unstuck and break free from what’s holding them back. She bounced back after an accident in 2011 and again during the pandemic. Her unique blend of mentoring, motivation, and music has helped clients all over the world move forward – fast!