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Are You Blocking Your Blessings?

Are you where you want to be? If not, you may be blocking your blessings – and your success.

The doors won’t open but you don’t know why. I not only see this all the time with my private clients, I’ve experienced it myself. Though most of us would like to blame outside factors, what’s in the way – might be YOU!

It’s in the choices you make, both in what you choose to do and what you choose NOT to do.

The signs

Here are some signs that you may be getting in your own way:

1. You procrastinate a lot. Things either don’t get done on time or not at all.
2. You’re a perfectionist. You can’t seem to finish things because well, it’s just not perfect yet. Maybe you don’t even start.
3. You’re frequently late. This is a sign that you’re not managing your time effectively and don’t have a handle on priorities.
4. You don’t have a good organizational system. This causes you to forget things, miss appointments or deadlines, or throw something together last minute.
5. You skip opportunities that could help your career or business. Either you miss the deadline, you tell yourself you can’t afford it, or you don’t even apply.
6. You make excuses or play the victim. Are you blaming others or circumstances for why you’re not further along?
7. You try to handle everything yourself. “If it’s to be, it’s up to me,” was my mantra. You do your own thing and completely leave God out of the equation.

Here are two other major blocks: Fear and negativity. When you’re stressed out, it’s difficult to process information in a positive way. You can’t see the big picture – yet. I remember experiencing all of this and more after my accident, which was when I discovered the healing power of therapeutic drumming.

All of these can be a form of self-sabotage

You may achieve some success but it will be fraction of what God had in store for you. Have you heard of the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30)? If you wisely steward what you’ve been given, God will bless you with more. Although a “talent” was a form of money back then, today it can also mean your gifts and talents.

So, are you feeling stuck and scattered? Are you fully using your gifts and talents or are you holding back? Here’s a quick video that illustrates what happens when you block the music that’s inside of you:

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Dori the Drum ChickDori Staehle, MBA is from the Raleigh, NC area and is a certified drum therapist, percussionist, mentor, ADHD specialist, Toca percussion artist, inspirational speaker and author, and owner of Next Stage Drumming. Dori’s mission is to help people break free from what’s holding them back, so they can rise up and rock the Next Stage of their lives! Her unique blend of mentoring, motivation, and music has helped clients all over the world move forward – fast!