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The Surprising Health Benefits of Drumming

Drumming with Dori

When I auditioned to play percussion in a church band sixteen years ago, I had no idea that drumming could help you focus and feel better! I had never played before. Yes, you read that correctly! Good thing I’m a quick study! I passed the audition!

After the first band practice, I felt so good and the results stuck with me for days. I wondered “Is there anything behind this? Is there such a thing as drum therapy?” And so I Googled it. Sure enough, I discovered that drum therapy is an established field that’s backed by loads of medical research.

So, I began experimenting. First, in private sessions, and then in group events. If you want to literally “beat” stress in a fast and fun way, try whacking on a drum! As you can see, I now have quite a few to choose from!

Drumming with Dori

A different type of drumming

The type of drumming I do is different. It’s not a drum lesson on a drum set. It’s not a drum circle. It’s not just tapping out random beats on an oatmeal container. It’s specific beats and exercises done in specific ways for specific purposes. I prefer to use certain types of hand drums that produce really good vibrations.

I’ve created my own unique blend of drum therapy with dash of rock and loads of encouragement! It’s interactive, which means you drum with me. It’s not a performance or a sound healing session. What I’ve discovered is that I get fast results and in several different areas.

For example, someone may come to me because they (or their group) need to reduce stress or improve focusing ability. What usually happens is that other areas get a boost as well. It could be physical or emotional issues, instant clarity, improved productivity and energy, less anxiety, or all of the above.

This is mainly because what I do isn’t a drum lesson or a performance. It’s interactive, therapeutic, and loads of fun. I’m also the only certified drum therapist in NC. If you’d like to try a few beats to help reduce anxiety and stress, check out this quick video I just did today.

Drumming with Seniors

Rhythm and results

After my accident in 2011, I saw first-hand the healing power of drumming and that this is really a health and wellness tool. It’s not just for entertainment.

You really can drum your way to better health!

Over the past 9 years, I’ve seen:

* Entrepreneurs and job seekers gain instant clarity
* Students focus better and boost their grades (One special needs student jumped 3 grade levels!)
* Stress melt off the bodies of hundreds of event and class participants
* Improved coordination and range of motion
* Improved memory
* Improved communication skills in kids on the autism spectrum
* Reduced pain
* Reduced anxiety
* Release from depression
* Massive mindset shifts creating forward motion
* Improved confidence, creativity, and hope

It’s easy and fun and it’s not as weird as you may think. You won’t even realize that you’re doing something healthy that may actually shift and heal the cells of your body or your mindset as we’re drumming together. Yes, this is all backed by loads of scientific research! Here’s a good overview by psychotherapist, author, and drum facilitator Robert Lawrence Friedman.

Have any questions? Book a free call or check out my website for more info!

Photo credit: Jenny Midgley, www.jennymidgley.com
Dori Staehle lives in the Raleigh, NC area and is a certified drum therapist, author, speaker, Toca Percussion artist, and owner of Next Stage Drumming. She played with that church band for 13 years and has played with many others as well. Dori offers a unique blend of music, mentoring, motivation, and ministry. She specializes in kids and adults with ADHD and special needs, and stressed out entrepreneurs. Virtual and in-person programs are available. Click here to schedule a call to find out more!