5 Ways to Become Focused and Fearless

One of the biggest problems for entrepreneurs and creative types is to stay focused! The other is to conquer the fears that are holding us back.

It’s so easy to chase all the bright, shiny things that come our way and catch our attention! The problem is that once you do this, you can totally forget what you were doing and even what goal you were pursuing. I’ve seen this happen with clients time and time again. I’ve also done it myself. Part of the problem is that I’m a percussionist. I’m used to improvising and adding other things to the mix…because I can. However, too much is, well, too much.

There are some tricks to keep the train on the tracks. Once you utilize these on a regular basis, you’ll get into the groove, establish a routine, and get stuff done! In doing so, you gain confidence and boost your mojo. You also become fearless.

my goals list on napkinWant to finish the year with a bang? First, you have to break things down.

1) Write out your top goals for the quarter (preferably not on a napkin!). You may find that they are all connected to one big goal. Make them specific!

2) Pare your list down to no more than five. Even percussionists can’t play every instrument in their kit at once. Pare it down and be realistic. Rate your items in order of importance.

3) Write out 3 steps you need to take to reach each goal. What’s needed? This could be people, resources, or tasks. Set a deadline.

4) Put these steps on your calendar. For example, if my goal is to book at least five speaking and drumming gigs this quarter, I need to write specific daily tasks and not take on tons of unrelated projects (note to self!)!

5) Take action! Don’t just make a list and toss it somewhere! Start initiating your action steps. Be careful not to ask tons of people for advice. This will throw you off course.

Once you gain traction, you’ll gain confidence. When you see that you’re making progress, don’t get cocky or go back to your old habits!! If you do, you’ll keep going in circles and repeat the pattern of underachievement, under-earning, and shrinking your greatness. God gave you your talent for a reason.

Stick to the plan and work it. Soon, you will be able to convert “I can’t” to “Dang! I did”! That’s how you become fearless and succeed!

How often do you chase “bright, shiny things”? Need help staying on track? Want to know more about my unique drumming and coaching program for increased confidence and success? Let’s chat!

SuperEntrepreneur_copyright_DoriStaehleDori Staehle, MBA lives in the Raleigh, NC area and is a Drum Chick with a mission at Rock the Next Stage. She’s also an inspirational speaker and coach, plays percussion in a band, and is the best-selling author of Find Your Divine Rhythm: A Creative’s Success Formula. Dori uses therapeutic drumming to help people reset their mindset, focus, and bust past what’s holding them back. Sometimes, she even wears a cape! Dori specializes in creative professionals, musicians, and anyone with ADHD traits. Click here if you’d like to schedule a complimentary consult or to book Dori for drumming or speaking.