ADHD Programs

Gain Clarity and Confidence!

If you’d like to try something that really works and can keep you (or your child) off of stimulants, check out my comprehensive, personalized, and innovative programs! These are based on 20-years of my personal research and hundreds of case studies.

Sure, there are franchises out there who address learning issues and ADHD but none that work as fast and are nearly as fun! Results can be seen in 3 months or less!

As someone who has a creative “ADD brain”, I know the elements that need to be addressed to make a program effective. I believe that people with ADHD symptoms are not broken or defective. ADHD is a superpower. My job is to teach you or your child how to harness it so you can fly.

What you’ll get:

* One 90-minute session per week which includes 30-min. of drum therapy
* A personalized system that keeps you (or your child) on track
* Goal-setting and time management techniques
* Right-brained learning techniques (for students)
* Dietary recommendations to boost brain power and focus (my special ADHD diet)
* Accountability via weekly check-ins
* Unlimited access to me via email

Cost: 3-month programs start at $2,397. Payment plans available.

Location: At Next Stage Drumming, Fuquay-Varina, NC, or online (You will need something to drum on for the drum therapy part.).

Since these programs are individualized (and I have a very varied background. See below.), the cost depends on what else is needed. Students may need some success coaching or college or career planning. Adults may need some specific help with their talent, career, or business.

Click here to schedule a complimentary, 30-min. consult via phone, Skype, or Zoom to see if my services would be a good fit for you. Haven’t you waited long enough?

Hi! I’m Dori Staehle, founder and CEO of Next Stage Drumming. I’m a drum therapist, drum teacher, and ADHD specialist. In addition to holding an MBA and the equivalent of a PhD in gifted education, I’m also the author of the study called The Gifted/ADHD Connection. It was when our very bright and creative kids were recommended for Ritalin in 1995 that my research began. I’ve since kept them and hundreds of others of of stimulants and I’ve never needed them myself.

I started creating these programs in 1998 when I was an educational consultant and private tutor. As a percussionist, I discovered that hand drumming helped me focus better and it literally beat stress (The #1 trigger for ADHD symptoms, as I discovered). I began adding drum therapy to my sessions and it really moved people forward faster than anything else I had tried. Other background, credentials, and businesses include:

* 24 years as an educational consultant and speaker (Next Stage Educational Services)
* 18 years in the music business as a booking agent, promoter, mentor, and manager for young bands and solo artists (Next Stage Entertainment).
* 6 years as a business and career coach (Rock the Next Stage)
* 6 years as a drum therapist/drum teacher/ADHD specialist (Next Stage Drumming)
* 2 years as a college admissions counselor/homeschool specialist at a private university
* 2 years as a business instructor for job seekers at a local community college
* Best-selling author of Find Your Divine Rhythm: A Creative’s Success Formula
* Certificates in drum therapy and therapeutic drumming from the Drums and Disabilities Program and Health Rhythms
* Professional musician and a Toca Percussion Artist
* Certificate in Christian Counseling from the American Association of Christian Counselors

Dori, you gave me my rhythm back! You have given me the tools to push me towards greater success. I am doing much better with the system you have taught me and I’m so proud of what I have accomplished! You are an excellent and very effective coach! ~ Anita B., Apex, NC