Aha Moments: Fueling Creative Sparks

Cloud_withSunbeam_copyright_DoriStaehleHave you ever had an “Aha!” moment after wrestling with a problem or a process? When you feel stuck, it’s usually because there is something missing that you haven’t yet discovered.

This often happens to writers, musicians, songwriters, artists, inventors, scientists, and engineers but it can happen to anyone. My guess is that you’ve devised at least one creative solution in your life.

When the idea appears, it can hit you like a lightning bolt!

Boeing 747 Aircraft Taking OffClearing for takeoff

Have you ever boarded a plane but had to wait? You’ve got your seatbelt fastened and you can hear the engine roaring but you’re still stuck on the tarmac. The pilot usually gets on the microphone and says something like “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re jockeying for position and we’ll be leaving as soon as we’re cleared for takeoff.”

Often, your dreams and your big idea haven’t manifested themselves yet because you’re not clear for takeoff. There may be other things that need to line up or become clear to you. If you’re a creative type, chances are you have so many ideas and noise in your head, that you can’t hear much else.

Here’s a video with a few quick tips:

How do you get clear?

One reason we feel overwhelmed and scattered is because we’re doing too much. We’ve convinced ourselves that busy is better. What I needed to do was do less.

I needed to step away from my desk and my phone for a while each day. I also needed to stop listening to everyone’s advice and listen to my heart. What did I want to do in this phase of my life? What could I not live without? What did I want to change and what type of impact did I want to make?

It wasn’t until I started really listening and tuning in that I began to get clear. I had put my dreams on the back burner to do something practical. As a result, I was not only stuck on the tarmac, I couldn’t even hear The Pilot’s instructions. Sometimes what seems crazy and impractical is what you must do to feed your spirit and your soul and make a difference.

For me that’s drumming and helping people heal and move forward. What is it for you? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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