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Dealing with Entrepreneurial ADD

Do you have loads of ideas? Have you had several different businesses or are you juggling so many plates that you’re making people’s heads spin? This doesn’t mean you have ADHD. It just means you thrive on novelty and creativity. Some call it Entrepreneurial ADD.

Most entrepreneurs possess these traits, including Richard Branson. Some identify themselves as having attention deficit disorder or ADHD. Others just know that this is part and parcel of being an entrepreneur or creative type. Being able to brainstorm, see solutions quickly, and create things are our superpowers. But it can get out of hand.

The Art of Juggling Plates

Some people are great at juggling loads of plates at once. These people have what I call project manager brains. The problem for creatives and entrepreneurs is that if we juggle too many things, things can get left undone. You can also get overwhelmed, which may result in procrastination. My problem was that I constantly switched gears. I changed my services and target markets often, which confused people and resulted in little to no business.

And then we have the folks who are offering so many different services, their website is a nightmare. Loads of text, tabs, drop down menus, etc. Sometimes you have to rein things in or put some of those plates back on the shelf. Here are some tips that may help:

1. Know how much you can handle. Don’t over-promise. Be realistic in how much you can feasibly take on without losing your sanity. Hire people to help you, if necessary. Also, reduce your services and get really clear and specific!

2. Limit distractions. Being constantly connected puts your central nervous system on high alert, creating ADHD-like symptoms. Silence your phone (or hide it) when you’re trying to finish things.

3. Do one thing at a time. Creative brains fare better when they focus on one thing at a time – and complete it. This is why daily, weekly, and monthly goal-setting are essential. If you have 10 business ideas, pick one and start with that.

4. Take breaks. Go for a walk, shoot some hoops, swim some laps, drum, or just sit outside for a while. This gives your brain a break and reduces stress. Praying and meditating also help.

5. Change your diet. You’ve got to feed your brain and body good stuff, not junk! I do have a brain boost diet that really works. It helps you focus and maintain your energy during the day.

If you can harness your creative ideas, you can boost your focusing abilities, achieve your goals, and release your superpowers. All you need now is a cape.

Need help or accountability or want to try therapeutic drumming? Contact me and get ready to rock!

Dori Staehle, MBA lives in the Raleigh, NC area and is the owner of Rock the Next Stage and Next Stage Drumming. Known as Dori the Drum Chick, she created special coaching and therapeutic drumming programs to help people reset their mindset, focus, and succeed! She specializes in creative kids and adults, musicians, and entrepreneurs with ADHD traits. She’s also the best-selling author of Find Your Divine Rhythm: A Creative’s Success Formula. As a percussionist, she’s used to juggling many things at once. To contact Dori, click here.