Defining Your Mission and Purpose

Clouds and heaven_copyright_DoriStaehleOften, you don’t find your mission or your purpose. It finds you. It could be a hidden talent that finally surfaces, a cause you strongly believe in, or a life change that makes you stop and think.

What’s your mission? 

Every entrepreneur has a mission, whether they realize it or not.  You generally don’t take the risk of starting your own company unless you want to:

–   Give something back

–    Share your talent or expertise

–    Want to effect change

Most people state their title or occupation when they meet someone at a business event or networking meeting. What would be much more compelling and effective would be to describe what benefits your product or services provide.

What are you helping people with? That is your mission.

SuperEntrepreneur_copyright_DoriStaehleWhat’s your superpower? 

Once you develop a business from your mission, it’s not uncommon for your superpowers to be revealed. These are the attributes that make you stand out. 

What do you do differently from others in your field? Do you have a different product, system, or approach?  That’s what you should be highlighting and what should be part of your brand. 

For example, in my first business, I developed a natural system for kids with “ADHD” issues that included creative learning techniques. Due to my track record, I soon became known as “The ADHD eliminator”.  Yes, I sometimes brought a cape to networking events.

My second business met a different need: Getting gigs for local, young bands and solo artists, coaching them and teaching them what they needed to take it to the next level, and preventing them from getting ripped off. To my bands, I was “The Ultimate Band Mom”.  To the venues, I was the lady who thought of everything and brought in really good bands. I traded my cape for a rocker chick jacket.

Now, I coach mid-life, or Encore Entrepreneurs, and help them rock their business, their life, and their brand. My superpowers include holistic techniques that help people get unstuck and gain clarity,  confidence, and clients so they can rock their brand from the inside out. Coaching can also include drum therapy.  I kept the jacket.


Getting ready to launch 

You may be wondering if you should move forward with your mission. Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed and feel your mission is just too big. Maybe you think that God picked the wrong person for the job.

If it keeps tugging at you, it’s time to pay attention! If you never launch your idea, you’ll never know how far it could have gone. 

Yes, moving forward with your mission is scary. So is living with regret. Life’s short. Isn’t it time to use your superpowers? I have an extra cape waiting for you.

Dori_RockerChick_jacket2013Dori Staehle is the owner and Chief Encouragement Officer at Rock the Next Stage. She has had several missions and businesses and now teaches entrepreneurs how to rock their brand. If you’re ready to move forward, click here for more info.