Do You March to a Different Beat?

There is no doubt that creative types march to a different beat. So do many entrepreneurs. We’re just wired differently. With 1,001 ideas in our brains at any given time, it’s easy to lose focus and get distracted. But does that mean we have ADHD? Not necessarily.

I was recently asked to write a guest post for Kitti McKay, from Clutter Solutions by Kitti. Instead of writing about my research or experience working with hundreds of kids with ADHD traits, Kitti wanted my personal story. You see, I have the symptoms but I don’t like the label. I also have a different take on it. As you may have guessed, my prescription is percussion. I also have made many other daily changes that help to control the symptoms and my ability to focus. Click here to read my story.

As I’ve discovered, there are varying degrees of ADHD symptoms. On a scale of 1-10, I’m about a 4 or 5. But I’ve worked with many kids (and some adults) who were definitely at about a 9 or 10. So, their program needs to be ramped up a bit and include coaching. They not only have to drum more frequently, they need to drum differently. Here’s a video that explains how I close out a drum therapy session with kids and teens who are hyper or inattentive. And yes, sometimes I play songs you wouldn’t expect. Take a peek:

You may not have any ADHD symptoms but maybe you’re feeling anxious and stressed out. Or maybe you’re just feeling lost. If so, let’s talk and see if drum therapy could help. There’s no charge for the call and it can be via phone or Zoom. Click here for a link to my calendar.

Isn’t it time to rise up and rock the next stage of your life?

Dori the Drum ChickDori Staehle, MBA is from the Raleigh, NC area and is a certified drum therapist, drum teacher, percussionist, mentor, ADHD coach, Toca percussion artist, and owner of Next Stage Drumming. Her mission is to help people focus, feel better, and find their joy – with drumming! Dori is also an inspirational speaker, and a best-selling Amazon author. She will soon be releasing her second book, which is about rising up and finding your purpose. Dori is able to deliver talks and training virtually to anyone all over the world.