Do You Need to Make a Change?

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Change is in the wind! We’re approaching a new season. Is it time for a new start? I’m switching up my business as we speak. If you’ve been hesitating, it could be because you’re holding onto something you need to let go of.

What are you holding onto?

Have you ever felt like you needed to move on but couldn’t? Most people hold onto one or more of the following:

1) Perfectionism
2) Fear
3) Their story

Your story creates all sorts of excuses like:

1) I can’t do that.
2) That will never work.
3) I don’t know how.
4) I can’t get ahead.

Some people would rather hold onto the pain than move on. Their story has been with them for years and they can’t let go of it. Hey, I was there for longer than I’d like to admit. Sooner or later, someone will either call you out or push you to move on. Circumstances could conveniently change leaving you no choice. God and the Universe are funny that way.

Autumn Rose Brand_Deep South_DoriStaehle (1)

She moved on… and found her voice!

People weren’t sure if this show was a go. The young and extremely talented headlining act disbanded, leaving everyone stunned. Record label attention seemed certain when I last saw this duo. Now what?

Autumn Rose Brand (on right) didn’t throw in the towel. She rose up. She grabbed a couple of friends, took the stage, and held it together like a pro. She channeled everything into a new song that gave me goosebumps and blew everyone away. Not only does Autumn have a powerhouse voice but she adds the unique element of electric violin. It’s just a matter of time for this rising star. And yes, I’m seeking opportunities for her as we speak. You can check out some of her tunes here.

Transition Tips

1) Take some time off to clear your head. You need some time to process and refocus. Disconnect for a little while from the world (and your devices!) and just chill or spend time in nature. I need to sit near water. It doesn’t have to be the ocean. A lake or moving stream will do.

2) Don’t beat yourself up or play the blame game. Count everything as a learning experience.

3) Embrace your new phase as an adventure. Be open and flexible and see what transpires. Start brainstorming possibilities but don’t ask everyone for their opinion. That can backfire.

So how about you?
Where would you like to be next year? How about in 5 years? Do you need any help mapping things out? Want to avoid some pitfalls and aggravation? Contact me and let’s talk!

View More: Staehle, MBA lives in the Raleigh, NC area and is the Founder and CEO of Rock the Next Stage. She helps serious musicians move their talent forward. Dori offers live performance coaching, ADHD coaching, business coaching, booking, management, and more. She is also a percussionist, drum therapist, and speaker. Be sure to grab Dori’s FREE Report on her website: Career Killers: 20 Mistakes Musicians Make.