Drum Lessons

Customized, private drum lessons for serious students

**Drum lessons are now being conducted online and all slots are filled at this time.**

Have a budding drummer at home? Or is learning to play drums on your bucket list? Then, get ready to rock!

Private drum lessons are offered on the full drum set. Students can start on a drum pad if they don’t have a drum set at home. Please note that drum lessons are not the same as drum therapy.

Because my focus is mainly on drum therapy and group classes, my time is very limited. I have therefore limited my availability for lessons to only serious students ages 12 and up who show talent and will practice for at least 15 minutes and at least three times a week. I find that kids younger than 12 aren’t dedicated enough to carve out time to practice and lose interest in drumming quickly.

Students will learn drumming basics (rudiments) but their lesson time and practice time at home will also involve playing the drumming part of real songs. Here’s what makes a great drum student:

1) Is extremely motivated and interested in drumming
2) Has a good ear and a good feel for the tempo of a song
3) Is willing to commit to practicing the assigned homework at least 3x/wk.
4) Is able to focus and pay attention for a 30-min. lesson
5) Has good coordination. Playing the drum set is a full body activity!
6) Is not super-sensitive to noise. Even with headphones, drums can be loud.

Drum lesson cost: $120 for 4, 30-minute lessons, paid monthly. If there is a 5th week in the month, that day can be used for make-up lessons.

Drumming is loads of fun! Feel free to contact me if you need more info!