Drum Lessons

Customized, private lessons for serious students

Because my focus is mainly on drum therapy, my time is very limited. I have therefore limited my availability for lessons to only serious students ages 10 and up who show talent and will practice for at least 15 minutes and at least three times a week. I do give homework. If they’re not willing to do their homework, they’re not ready for lessons.

Please note that lessons are not drum therapy. The goal of drum lessons is to learn how to play real songs, not beats. Students will learn drumming basics but they will be playing the drumming part of popular songs. This means they need to have a feel for music. If they’re not listening to songs, can’t name a single song or artist, and can’t follow a basic beat, they’re not ready for lessons.

There are some students for whom drum lessons would not be a good fit. This includes students who have sensory issues and are bothered by noise and those who have auditory processing problems (Do not process verbal information correctly and don’t hear lyrics or beats.). If a student has special needs or coordination issues, drum therapy would be a better option. The exception is kids on the autism spectrum. They tend to have great rhythm!

I play by ear so I’m looking for students with a good ear and a good feel for music. That means good listening skills, ability to hear and repeat beats and patterns, and ability to focus for 30-min. Lesson are paid for monthly and are currently $120 for 4, 30-minute lessons.

Drumming is loads of fun! Feel free to contact me if you need more info!