Drum Therapy

Drum therapy: Backed by science and loads of fun!

Want to try something fun that helps beat stress, reduces ADHD symptoms, and boosts clarity, creativity, productivity, memory, your immune system, and even healing? It can help you focus, feel better, break free from whatever is holding you back – and find your joy!

Therapeutic drumming helped me heal and bounce back after an accident and now I help others. I’m now offering all my private and semi-private sessions virtually via Zoom and Google Meet or in-person at Evangel Church in Fuquay-Varina, NC (following COVID guidelines). Isn’t it time to rock the next stage of your life?

This is NOT African, tribal, or Shamanic drumming, or a drum lesson. My drum therapy sessions are custom-designed, science-based programs with proven health and wellness benefits, backed by loads of medical research. We use hand drums, not a drum set.

Here’s a video that explains the difference:

Yes, because I’m also a musician, we usually close out with a rockin’ tune! I’m also the only Certified Drum Therapist in the state of North Carolina. I’m a also a Christian with a great bounce-back story, so my connection to drumming is very deep and heart-felt.

Private sessions
Private sessions go much deeper than one of my fun hand drumming classes. My specialties include kids and adults with ADHD issues and special needs. I’ve also had success empowering teens and women who needed to reset their mindset so they boost their confidence and move forward.

The best results have been achieved through weekly sessions for 3 months. Sessions are from 30-45 minutes, depending on age. Drum therapy can also be combined with business, success, or ADHD coaching for an added cost.

These weekly sessions include:
* Customized drum therapy exercises
* Encouragement, drumming affirmations, and often some mentoring
* Exercises to do at home (These are required.)

What’s required:
* Cooperation and commitment
* A djembe drum. If you sign up for my 3-month program, a colorful djembe is included and will be shipped directly to you (US only. If you’re outside of the US, I have a Plan B!).

If you just want to purchase your own drum to use in my classes or on your own, I have djembes for sale for a reasonable price (They can only be shipped within the US).

Program costs: (monthly payment plan available)
3-month program: $750 for 12, 30-min. sessions, $1060 for 12, 45-min. sessions (includes a beautiful djembe drum shipped to you! US only.). If you already have a drum, I will discount the package price.

Have questions? An initial consult is required before starting a drum therapy program. This is totally free! It will help answer any questions you may have and to see if drum therapy is a good fit for you or your child. Click here to schedule your free call.

Dori is passionate about her work and helping others discover themselves through drumming. Her unique approach is undoubtedly successful in digging deep into the heart and soul! ~ Julie M., Carolina Beach, NC

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*Disclaimer: While I cannot guarantee that those working with me will be miraculously healed, I can guarantee that they will feel less stressed and have fun! Drum therapy is a health and wellness tool that can be added to your wellness regimen. It is not a replacement for medical treatment or counseling. Results may vary.