Even Santa Has a System

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Some people give up on their goals in December. They think that the year is almost over and they’re not where they need to be, so why bother? Might as well just make some hot chocolate or hot spice wine and kick back.

Others use this time to plan or even execute a new project. They don’t wait until the New Year. Yes, I’m one of those people. What I’ve found is that if you wait until January to start thinking about what you want to do, it will be March before you actually get it together. Maybe.

Some people like to make vision boards in December or January. However, I’ve discovered that, on their own, vision boards don’t really work. There’s way more to it than that.

To explain what I mean, we need to take a little trip. All aboard!

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Lessons from the North Pole

Santa takes a full year to organize, execute, and plan his Christmas deliveries. He’s got a special app for that. After vacationing in the tropics for a month or two, he comes back and calculates how many months he has to reach his goal.

Based on his target market, trends, and demand, he’d need to get an approximate idea of how many toys to produce within that time frame. He doesn’t need the actual number right now, just an idea.

Simply putting up a vision board to imagine all those toys being made won’t do it, however. Sure, pictures of toys and happy children may be great motivators but they won’t get the job done. Santa needs a system. And he needs elves and an assistant or a project manager.

Equipment needs include conveyer belts, tools, forklifts, 8 reindeer, food for the reindeer, a turbo-charged sled, and of course, hot chocolate for the break room. A great social media campaign would build a buzz and Santa’s brand. I see loads of funny video ideas here, using popular Christmas tunes. He also needs a good accountant, so he can write all this stuff off.

Above all, Santa and the elves need the one thing that will keep them going more than anything else, even hot chocolate. They need to BELIEVE. They need to believe they can do it. They KNOW they are using their gifts to make a difference. And they have to have FAITH that it will all work out according to plan.

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