How to Avoid Energy-Sucking Vampires

Vampire and His VictimWhat are your time and energy suckers? We all have them. It could be people, events, meetings, people messaging or texting you constantly, etc. Here are my personal pet peeves and some tips that may help:

1) People who want to pitch their products and services but don’t bother to find out what I do or what I’m all about. This is usually done with a canned message on LinkedIn or Twitter.

2) People who add me to their Facebook groups without my permission. This is really bad form, I’m sorry.

3) People who expect me to devote hours and hours to organize or participate in a music or speaking event – for free. How about this pitch: “Seeking speakers for our women’s conference. We are not offering a speaking fee. Travel and hotel costs are not covered.” Oh yeah, that really makes me want to clear my calendar and hop on a plane! Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE helping people but I’ve got bills to pay.

4) People who pull a “bait and switch”. These include false advertising about a workshop, event, a company’s services, a meeting, or a position you were hired for. You get sucked in thinking it’s one thing until you realize it’s something completely different and you just wasted a ton of time (and maybe some money).

When you’re surrounded by vampires, you may experience low energy and feelings of resentment. You can only give so much before you feel…completely drained.

Vampire repellent

To help you ward off vampires, here is a quick video with three tips about setting boundaries, negotiation, and taking care of yourself. Yes, I’m wearing a cape. Happy Halloween!

What vampires are plaguing you? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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