How to Bounce Back When You’ve Blown It

Very frustrated angry woman screaming

It’s happened to the best of us. Maybe it was an interview, an opportunity, or a speaking or music gig. You thought for sure you were ready. After all, you practiced and rehearsed over and over again. But nerves got the best of you and tripped you up. Now what?

The day I bombed

Last week, you heard my great running story about the day I went for the gold. Since I’m known for keeping it real, I’d like to mention the day I bombed. I made it to the state diving competition. I had been there the year before and I had medaled. I wasn’t the best diver on the team but I held my own pretty well. This time, I let another team psych me out. And I bombed. Totally. I don’t think I hit a single dive.

And that is what happens when you start comparing yourself to others. You second-guess your abilities or you let perfectionism take over. As a result, you never get on that stage, you don’t write that book, you don’t start that business, you don’t go for that job or promotion, and you don’t even try to connect with people who can help you. Have I hit a nerve yet?

I’ve worked with bands and solo artists who forgot lyrics, started in the wrong key or tempo, and had strings, guitar straps, or drum heads break (Duct tape: Don’t leave home without it!). One artist let a heckler get the better of him and the artist walked off the stage. I told him “Get back up there! If you walk off, he wins.” Many years later, this artist is playing and recording – in LA.

Stage set-up


It’s important to not beat yourself up after you’ve blown it. Hey, it even happens to Olympians! Take a breath, make a joke, and switch things up! Don’t dwell on the mistake. Get back up, dust yourself off, and…rock the next stage!

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