How to Shift from No to NOW

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Are your talents or dreams still sitting on the shelf? Do you keep finding reasons why your business idea or music career won’t work? Instead of telling yourself “No,” how about finding ways to make things happen right NOW? The difference is just one letter.

The 5 W’s that can shift you towards success

Often, I’ve found opportunities simply because I was in the right place at the right time. This amazes my husband to no end. This is not to say that opportunities just fell out of the sky while I was standing there. I had to step up – and speak up. It also helps to have other key things in place.


When opportunity knocks, open the door! If you find that you’re hesitating or holding back, there may be something else going on. If you’re not willing to do the work needed to move forward, you may want to ask yourself why. Maybe you’re doing something that isn’t a good fit or just doesn’t excite you.

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Do you ever wonder “What if…?” What if you were able to pursue that business or your music career and actually do what you love? What if you finally took some steps to make that happen? What would your “younger you” say? My sense is that he or she would say “Go for it!”


Do you remember your “why?” What’s the reason you wanted to pursue that dream? How many lives would be impacted if you moved your dream forward? Ah, see. It’s not just about you. If your “why” makes you cry, you’re onto something. You can’t ignore something that obviously touches you in a very deep way.


Stop saying “someday” and pick a target date! If you’re like most creative types, you have no concept of time and chances are you get sidetracked easily. You may even sabotage your own success. It’s harder to ditch your dream when you put a timeline on it. If you need help staying on track, you may want to recruit an accountability partner or hire a coach. I’ve done both. It really helps you take things to the next level.

Why not?

My ideas usually come in bursts which are followed by a big vision. I’m a real “Go big or go home!” kind of gal. I figure that I’m not getting any younger. I’ve got some big things in the works. I’ll be rockin’ the next stage…and I’m taking my bands with me.

Keep in mind that I started Rock the Next Stage with only $40. I was over 50, was injured, and couldn’t even drum, must less move normally. I bounced back and decided it’s time to crank it up. Why the heck not?

How about you? If you’re ready to rock YOUR next stage, let’s schedule a time to chat! I’ve love to hear about your ideas and dreams! Click here for your free call.

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