How to Use Your Word of the Year

Have you selected a Word of the Year? Every year I pick one that represents my goal for the year or how I want to show up.

Recently, I decided to do a quick video with tips on how to use your word of the year. I was focusing on goals and actions steps, since it tied into last week’s newsletter and blog post.

I began to focus on my word and asked myself What it would take to live it? When I did the video, I thought: I’m just going to have to make more calls.

I hate cold-calling, by the way. It’s not bad once I get going but starting the process can be daunting and discouraging.

So, here’s where it gets a little weird: I was going to start the calls and then unusual things began to happen. Complete strangers or people I barely knew reached out with either encouragement or opportunities, including the chance to speak on two telesummits for Christian women.

I’m not into vision boards or manifesting, since those leave God out of the equation. I just focused on clearing the clutter in my mind so I can hear God better. I wasn’t even thinking telesummits. I just prayed: Help me get my message out to bigger audiences so I can help more people. I was thinking live workshops and events. God had other plans.

So, what’s my word? Click the 4-min. video below and find out!

What’s your word of the year? Leave a comment below!

Dori Staehle, MBA lives in the Raleigh, NC area and is the Founder & CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer) at Rock the Next Stage. She’s a mentor and coach for creatives, musicians, and Christian entrepreneurs. She’s also a best-selling author, podcast host, drum chick, and speaker who loves to help people rise up and rock!