I’ll Be Happy When…

How would you fill in the blank? Many people would respond with one of the following:

1) When I’m making more money.
2) When I have a bigger house.
3) When I have a nice car (Like this Porsche! Nah, it can’t hold my drums.).
4) When I my business (or career) takes off.

I know people who did all this and more. I personally know several who made millions in the coaching world and the music business. But they still weren’t happy. In fact, some sabotaged their success. Why?

Be careful what you wish for

I’m sure you’ve heard of lottery winners who blew it all and quickly went bankrupt. Why did this happen? The answer is: They weren’t ready.

They were focused on the money and all it could buy. They didn’t have a mindset for success, they never learned how to budget or save, they didn’t have the right guidance, and they weren’t fully “grounded.”

The same has happened to some rock stars and athletes. They had it all. And then, it was gone.

Remember MC Hammer? This funny commercial says it all:

Focusing on what’s important

As we enter the season of thanksgiving, it’s a good time to re-assess and focus on what’s truly important. As someone who has experienced several layoffs and then had to completely start over after an accident, I can tell you this: Happiness doesn’t come from having more stuff or a huge bank account. You can lose all that in a heartbeat. And then what?

As they say, you can’t take it with you. Are you thankful for what you have or do you always want more? Here are a few tips to help you focus and develop an attitude of gratitude:

1) Take time to enjoy the little things. Stop, smell the roses, enjoy nature, just sit and be.
2) Make a list of things you’re grateful for. I bet you can come up with at least 50!
3) Give thanks to your Creator. Give thanks to God. Don’t dismiss the blessings you’ve been given.
4) Do something unexpected for someone. Check in with someone. Bless someone anonymously. Pay it forward and see what happens!

It’s not just the big things that can make you happy. Often, it’s the simplest things that you remember and that can make a difference.

What simple thing do you enjoy? Have you ever done a simple thing for someone and it totally made their day? Feel free to comment below!

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Dori Staehle is the the Chief Encouragement Officer and Rhythm Maker at Rock the Next Stage and Next Stage Drumming. She’s a drum therapist, drum teacher, motivational speaker, Stephen Minister, and the best-selling author of Find Your Divine Rhythm: A Creative’s Success Formula. To book Dori or request more info, click here.