Is it Time to Re-Brand?

Alarm clockHas it been a while since you’ve updated your website, marketing materials, or your look? Have you changed directions or switched up your services? It might just be time to re-brand.

Are you stuck in a time warp? 

I have a hairdresser who does a great job with my highlights. However, she doesn’t seem to understand what a “rocker chick haircut” looks like.  When she was done, it looked like she didn’t cut anything at all. The style was not even close. It didn’t help that my husband said “The ‘80’s called. They want their haircut back.”  I gave it a couple of weeks and got it fixed.

How about you? Still rockin’ the same look for the past 10 (or 20!) years? How about your website? Still using a black or dark blue background with white text? That’s not only rough on the eyes, it’s “Oh so very ‘90’s!”

Even fonts change with the times. What was popular 5 or 10 years ago is not popular now. Look at Coke, for example. They’ve changed their font multiple times. Ok, so you don’t have to change your slogan or tagline every year but you get where I’m going with this.

SilouettesHow to refresh your style 

1.  Start with color – Do the colors of your logo, website, and business cards reflect your industry or your personal style? How about your outfits?

2.  Check your lettering – Is it easy to read? Does it look fresh compared to others?

3.  Check your layout – Is there way too much text or does the text run together with no breaks? Are you using photos?

4.  What about your personal look? Does it say “pulled together” or “thrown together”? Does it match your brand? For more style tips, check out this short video. 

Branding from the inside out 

Often, branding changes go hand-in-hand with inner changes. Increased confidence creates a stronger image, more clarity, and a stronger brand. This also attracts more clients.

You don’t need a wardrobe that costs thousands of dollars or a website that has all the whistles and bells. But you probably need to make some changes.

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Dori_RockerChick_jacket2013Dori Staehle is the owner and Chief Encouragement Officer at Rock the Next Stage. She is a business and success coach and a personal branding specialist.  She has helped entrepreneurs, speakers, and musicians with their personal branding and marketing.