Is it Time to Share Your Story?

Stage_curtainAward shows can either hurt or help a star’s personal brand. In terms of this year’s acceptance speeches, I feel the award for authenticity goes to Graham Moore, star of The Imitation Game. He revealed that, at age 16, he attempted suicide. His message was that it’s ok to be weird or different and he encouraged people not to give up.

Here was a young man who almost threw everything away but instead pressed on. He not only took home an Oscar, he left millions of people with hope and inspiration. He peeled back the curtain…and won me over.

stage_microphoneHow about you?

Are you being authentic? Do your clients, customers, or fans know the person behind the brand? Telling your story is risky. When I first started talking about depression, I could tell that some people were uncomfortable. They were expecting business tips.

However, I sensed that many people were struggling and some were hurting. I decided it was time to stop hiding and start talking. People began opening up and wanted to know how I climbed out. Soon, my talk Plan B: What to do when life throws you a curveball was requested over all the others. I expanded this into a book for fellow creatives.

If you’re thinking of telling your story:

1) Allow enough time to pass. It’s better to have wisdom and hindsight, instead of being right in the middle of things.

2) Your story needs to serve a purpose. Here’s your chance to use your story to help others! Be sure to share tips or advice.

3) Brace yourself for the fallout. Some may get uncomfortable when you reveal the real you and you may lose fans, newsletter subscribers, or even friends. The upside is that you will attract people who get you and want to work with you.

You were given your story for a reason. Don’t hide it. The people you were meant to reach need to hear it.

What’s your story? Feel free to comment below.

View More: Staehle, MBA is from the Raleigh, NC area and is the owner and Chief Encouragement Officer at Rock the Next Stage. She helps creative types and speakers take their talent or their business onto the next stage. Dori offers private coaching to help people rock their brand from the inside out. She spent 15 years in the music industry and is also a speaker, drum therapist, and author of the forthcoming book, Find Your Divine Rhythm. To contact Dori for speaking engagements, drum therapy, drumming events, or private coaching, click here.