Listen to Your Heart(beat)

Do things feel a bit off? If so, you may need to take a step back and listen to your heart. No, not the song by the band Roxette but your heartbeat! If you want to help others and make an impact, find what lights you up inside. That’s your “heartbeat.”

Finding the beat

In drumming, as in life, following the right beat can be difficult. What’s the main problem that causes people to be thrown off? Noise!

There may be too much noise in the mix. From social media to inner chatter, there is loads of noise. Maybe it’s from your family, from naysayers, or from “experts.” Either way, you’ve lost the beat.

How do you find it? Go back to your heartbeat. If you’re a person of faith, connect with God. Both will lead you back to where you belong. Everyone gets off track from time to time. Don’t beat yourself up! Get back to the beat!

What happens when you listen

When you listen to the right “beat,” you’re in tune with your purpose and mission for that season. I do many listening exercises during my group classes and private sessions. This is not only for ear training to improve their drumming skills but so they learn to use their drum as a way to connect – and recalibrate.

Doing simple, steady beats not only calms you down but it opens up your neural pathways which improve clarity, concentration, creativity, coordination, communication, and productivity. This is why drumming is great for kids with ADHD and autism but also for those who have had brain injuries or just a case of “brain fog” that comes either from aging, hormones, or having too much on your plate.

When you learn to listen while drumming, you learn to listen to others. You begin to understand where they’re coming from, how to wait your turn, and how to tune in to the main beat, or the heart of it all. As one Christian coach told me, “Dori, you’re connecting to the heartbeat of God!” Whoa! That’s deep!

The power of love

Getting back to your “heartbeat” can help you operate from a place of service, not panic, anxiety, or stress. You really do begin to “feel the love” for others – and for yourself. A ripple effect occurs. That’s what we need more of. And that’s why we need you!

Here’s a little exercise you can do to help you find your heartbeat and get clear:

* Take a breath
* Take a break
* Tap out some beats (Easy, repetitive beats on a drum, your lap, your desk, etc.). If you’d like some guidance, check out my recent video:

Close your eyes when doing this and continue for several minutes. What words or images did you get? Feel free to drop a comment below!

Ready for your breakthrough? Would you, your church, or your group or organization be interested in finding their “beat”? I’m available for private and group programs, either locally or virtually. It’s a unique blend of music, mentoring, motivation, and ministry to help you move forward! Click here to schedule your free call and we can chat! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dori Staehle lives in the Raleigh, NC area and is a certified drum therapist, author, speaker, and owner of Next Stage Drumming. She offers a unique blend of music, mentoring, motivation, and ministry. Dori specializes in Christian women and teens and those with special needs. Virtual and in-person programs are available.