It’s Time to Rise Up and Rock!

It's a Book. It's a Mission. It's a Movement.

Wondering about your purpose and why you're here? This book will help you discover your gifts – and activate them! After an accident, author Dori Staehle rose up from the ashes and finally embraced the dreams and gifts she had been given. She began listening and trusting God more, which completely changed the direction of her business and her life.

This is not just one women's inspirational story. And it's not your typical "find your purpose" book. This is a rallying cry for readers (especially Christian women and teens) to move their gifts, their talents, and their Kingdom Assignment forward. You'll also get loads of tips, exercises, and action items, along with some inspiring success stories from those who created businesses and ministries from scratch. It will also explain why many Christians feel overwhelmed, stuck, or scattered. 

Your gifts are needed now more than ever! It's not time to shrink back!

 It's time to rise up and rock!

This book will:

  • Help you access your gifts and talents
  • Provide thought-provoking questions and action steps
  • Help your reset your mindset
  • Provide hope and possibilities
  • Help you understand God's purpose for your life

Hi! I'm Dori! I’m a mentor, motivational and faith-based speaker, drum therapist, and percussionist. I'm also the best-selling author of Find Your Divine Rhythm: A Creatives’ Success Formula and the owner of Next Stage Drumming.

My new book, Rise Up and Rock, is now available on Amazon

You will hear about my journey, pitfalls to avoid, and how I help people become more focused and fearless so they move forward FAST! 

Haven’t you waited long enough? Time to rock YOUR next stage!

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What others are saying about this book:

I find Dori’s sharing of various circumstances in her life to be a great resource for Christian women in the process of identifying their dreams. Her emphasis on God’s guidance is encouraging, and she provides very useful steps and ideas to moving forward in a positive and grace-filled way! Specifically helpful to me were the direct questions provided to ask the Lord as I sit with Him. - Tina Olroyd, Country Financial

In Rise Up and Rock, Dori Staehle captures the heart of the beat in helping you find your purpose. She privately mentors you with well-learned wisdom in this quick, personable read. Dori drums discerning truth, for young and old alike, modeling the Christian’s intimate relationship with the Trinity. 2020 rocked our world, mindsets, labels, and molds; now shake off all that debris, find your God-given gifts and talents, and Rise Up and Rock!Laura Hamo, copywriter, editor, songwriter at Influence Writing

No matter where you are in your life, it is never too late to follow your dreams of entrepreneurship. Dori offers a Christian perspective in finding your passions and guides you through the steps she used to achieve success. As terrifying as it may be, including self-doubts, her business tips and faith are invaluable. Reading Dori’s book felt like having a personal mentor as she related her journey of owning a business. Starting your own business is not easy, but the solid business tips you will find in this book will get you started on the right path while strengthening your Christian faith. A must read! - Marge Moreton, owner of Painting with Marge

It's inspiring to watch someone live out their God-given passion and desire to share with others how to find their own. Life is so much better when living authentic to yourself and God and this book is the perfect vehicle to get you there and help you find your purpose! Thank you, Dori, for sharing your gift and wisdom with others! - Mindy Winters, owner of Junk in Her Trunk, LLC