If you’d like a funny and energetic keynote, Christian, or motivational speaker who keeps it real, contact Dori to schedule a talk, workshop, or retreat! Interactive drumming can be included!

And yes, talks, workshops, Lunch and Learns, and team-building programs can be delivered virtually!

Dori Staehle, MBA is the Founder and CEO of Next Stage Drumming. She has been speaking to groups of adults and teens for over 20 years. After a freak accident that set her life into a tailspin, Dori decided she didn’t want to just move onto the next stage of her life – she wanted to rock it!

Once she healed, she wrote her book, and began incorporating drumming into her talks. She often provides instruments for the audience as well. Dori spent over 20 years in the education field and 17 in the music business. She discovered underlying issues that can cause ADHD symptoms and how drumming can help. Dori is known as an expert in giftedness, ADHD, entrepreneurship – and bouncing back. Her book, Find Your Divine Rhythm: A Creative’s Success Formula can be found on Amazon.

Benefits to your audience:
– Increased clarity and confidence
– Practical tips and strategies (mindset, branding, stress-relief, focusing, time-management, ADHD, entrepreneurship)
– Inspiration and motivation to keep going!
– A fun, interactive, and entertaining event

Talks & Workshops:

rock-n-roll and AnnaFinding Your Divine Rhythm & Unique Mission
It happened in all of 30 seconds but Dori’s life was forever altered. A freak accident caused multiple injuries and eventually triggered a rare disease. Her condition became a metaphor for her life: Injured, broke, hurting, and afraid to move. Dori then made a deal with God. It was then that she found healing and a new mission. Based on her book, Dori shares ways to get unstuck, heal, and convert your passion into a viable business, career, or ministry.

Drumming can be included in this workshop for increased clarity, creativity, productivity, stress relief – and fun! No drumming experience necessary and instruments will be provided. This talk can be used in the corporate setting to improve the company’s mission, brand, and vision. Once everyone is “on the beat,” amazing things can happen!

Rise Up and Rock: Creating a Mindset for Success: Are you chasing clients and sales but coming up empty? Are you spending money on Facebook ads or coaching but still not getting ahead? Maybe the problem’s not marketing or money but your mindset! Business and success coach Dori Staehle will share some tips to help you get in the groove, rock what you’ve got, and reset your mindset! This talk is suitable for entrepreneurs, sales professionals, creative professionals, musicians, and corporations. It can also be adapted for students, using Dori’s extensive education experience.

Very frustrated angry woman screamingBeat Stress & Find Your Groove
Do you feel out of sync or stressed out? Need clarity, direction, and a game plan for the next stage of your business, your career, your company, or your life? This talk combines brainstorming activities to help you develop a positive mindset and a rockin’ brand, as well as some interactive drumming to boost clarity, creativity, productivity, cooperation, stress relief – and fun!

This talk is useful for teens or adults or in the corporate setting. A corporate talk could include group team-building activities to help the whole team find their groove and get on the same page. Instruments provided. No drumming experience necessary.

Drum_circleDifferent Drummers: Understanding ADHD Is it ADHD…or something else? Based on 20 years of research and case studies, Dori reveals her ground-breaking findings and how she kept hundreds off of stimulants with her unique program. This is a fun, encouraging, and interactive presentation with a positive spin on ADHD.

This talk is packed with practical tips and strategies for success and is suitable for teens, college students, parents, teachers, employers, and creative types with ADHD traits. Others have called this talk “amazing, insightful, refreshing, and something that everyone needs to hear.”

Little guitar girlHearing the Music: Nurturing and Educating Gifted, Talented, and Creative Kids. What do you do when you discover that your child has amazing gifts and talents? The techniques and discoveries that Dori made with her kids and many other young clients. Because of her kids, Dori became a homeschooling parent, a booking agent and manager, and an educational consultant with ground-breaking ADHD research. Her kids and hundreds of others were kept off of stimulants and were able to discover their gifts.

drumming-on-the-beach_dollarphotoclub_resizedRhythm Connection: The Healing Power of Drumming. Future TED talk. Presented at Pecha Kucha Raleigh and elsewhere. Contains the background of drumming, how it helped me heal, and results I’ve seen in clients and workshop participants. Includes an interactive element…and loads of slides. Click here for the video (8-min.).


Fantastic speaker! Incredibly motivating & inspirational! ~ Michelle M., Holly Springs Arts Council

High-energy, entertaining, and engaging speaker! ~ BORN Toastmasters Group, Cary, NC

Dori is so funny and keeps it real! Her ADHD talk was packed with tons of info and provided a unique and refreshing perspective! Wendy P., North Carolinians for Home Education (NCHE) Conference in Winston-Salem, NC.

Available for talks, keynotes, half-day, or full-day workshops. If you’d like to book Dori or you’d like more info, call 919-906-7842 or use the contact form here.

To download Dori’s Speaker One-Sheet, click here: Dori Staehle_Speaker One Sheet