Starting a Business and the 10-Foot Stage Dive

Photo credit: Attalus Music
Photo credit: Attalus Music*

As someone who has booked and coached hundreds of young, local rock bands, I thought I had seen everything.  However, seeing a band member start to climb a stack of 10- foot high stage speakers really made me say a few prayers. 

“Oh Lord, he’s going to jump!” and “Please catch him!” immediately came to mind. 


Learning to Take Risks

That stunt is a lot like starting a business. You can’t wait until you have all your ducks in a row. If you do, you’ll probably never get started. Sometimes you have to take a risk and just go for it.  

“Leap and the net will appear” is the saying of many coaches.  It seems counter-intuitive and can really scare the pants off of you. However, here’s how it can work: 

–   Once you set your mind on something and release your intention, people and resources often appear.

–   The idea has to be what you really want to do and what you’re passionate about.

–   You have to be “all in”. You can’t just step a little bit off the ledge and keep one foot behind, just in case.

–   You have to make sure there’s no Plan B. If you have a fallback position, you won’t take your dream, your idea, or your business very seriously.

–   You have to believe in yourself and be willing to invest in yourself and your business. 

Forward Momentum 

The band member’s stunt could have had 2 results: 1) He fell flat on his face, or 2) The audience rushed to catch him. 

Fortunately, it was the latter. I have to admit, my heart was in my throat the whole time but one thing is for sure: The kid had guts. He did something that most of us had never seen before. And it paid off. It created a social media buzz, new fans, and increased sales of CD’s and other merchandise.

He could’ve just stayed on the stage and played the same gigs over and over again. Now, I’m not suggesting you do something crazy or dangerous. However, if you feel stuck and you’re not moving forward, it’s time to make some changes. 

Thinking Outside the Box

Sometimes you just have to think outside the box – or jump off of it. Many people complain about what they don’t have but fail to see what they do have and what they can do with it.  Your talent is right inside of you waiting to bust out. 

Are you moving forward with your dreams? Or are you complaining that you didn’t get that big break or blaming others for where you are right now? Maybe you just need to get out of that box you’ve put yourself in. 

Maybe it’s time to move onto the next stage. If you need someone to brainstorm with, I’m ready to rock. Complimentary, 30-min. consult via phone, Skype, or Google chat! Click here to snag your slot!

Dori_RockerChick_jacket2013Dori Staehle is the owner and Chief Encouragement Officer at Rock the Next Stage. She helps people create businesses that rock and lives that they love. She offers business and success coaching and drumming for stress relief and clarity- and because it‘s fun!

In her spare time, Dori plays percussion  and occasionally books bands and solo artists (mostly for festivals and events).

*The band photo was used with permission. It is not the band in question but is the Raleigh-based, high-energy alt/rock band Attalus