Djembe Drums

As an endorsed Toca percussion artist and distributor, you can now order djembes through me. Toca will ship the order directly to you and get this! The prices reflect a substantial discount off of the retail price! Great addition to my virtual drum therapy sessions or live classes! Helps you focus, feel better, and have fun! Prices include shipping and handling.

All of these drums are available in 5 different colors. Here are the most popular: Kente cloth (African print), Purple, Red, and African Sunset.

Kid-sized djembes have a 10″ head (the diameter of the top of the drum), a synthetic base (lightweight and easy to clean), a goat-skin head for a better sound quality, and are rope-tuned. Total price is $100.79 (USD).

Adult-sized djembes have a 12″ head and are made from the same materials. These are good for older kids and and women. Total price is $156.79 (USD).

Virtual drum therapy sessions and training: Virtual drum therapy programs for individuals and groups to boost physical, emotional, and cognitive health. Cost depends on length and type of program. See my drum therapy page for more info!

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