As an endorsed Toca percussion artist and distributor, you can now order djembes through me. Toca will ship the order directly to you and get this! The prices reflect a substantial discount off of the retail price! Great addition to my virtual drum therapy sessions or live classes! Helps you focus, feel better, and have fun!

Kid-sized djembes have a 10″ head (the diameter of the top of the drum), a synthetic base (lightweight and easy to clean), a goat-skin head for a better sound quality, and are rope-tuned. The price is $84.99 + $10.20 for S &H = $95.19 total (USD)

Adult-sized djembes have a 12″ head and are made from the same materials. The price is $129.99 + $15.60 for S & H = $145.59 total (USD).
*If you are a resident of Texas, add sales tax of 6.25% to your order.

Both size drums are available in 5 different colors. Here are the most popular: Kente cloth (African print), Purple, and Red.

Click here to purchase drums.

Virtual drum therapy sessions and training: Virtual drum therapy programs for individuals and groups to boost physical, emotional, and cognitive health. Cost depends on length of program. Programs for individuals are 2-3 months in length. See my drum therapy page for more info!


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