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Living a Life That Matters

Many people want to make loads of money. Others want to make a difference. In my twenties, I started off in the first category. But then, things shifted.

I was working for a French bank in New York City. As a Senior Credit Analyst, I approved loan proposals for Fortune 500 companies for millions of dollars. Our clients were mainly oil and mining companies. I did research and crunched numbers but I didn’t feel like I was making a difference.

We wined and dined clients, had a French chef on staff, and my desk overlooked the skating rink in Rockefeller Plaza. The bank paid for my MBA and I was climbing the corporate ladder. I then discovered I had advanced endometriosis, a painful condition that was reducing my chances of conceiving to about 25%. I decided it was time to leave the rat race.

Finding your passion

I proved the doctors wrong. Two at-risk deliveries produced two kids who turned out to be very bright, creative, and talented. One now has kids of his own.

For the past 22 years, I’ve helped over 2,000 kids and many adults find and use their gifts. In the process, I found mine. I also finally embraced my inner drum chick. One young client asked me “Miss Dori, why are we here?” I told him I believe we are here to use our gifts to bless others.

Whether I’m speaking, coaching, booking bands, or performing, I’ve made my passion my purpose. In my travels, I’ve discovered that talent and potential are everywhere, even in the local women’s homeless shelter. Some people just need some extra tips and encouragement.

Paying it forward

I’ve been asked to help with an entrepreneurship camp for disadvantaged youth this summer that will have an arts component. In addition to my business background, I have specialized therapeutic drumming training specifically for “at-risk” populations. So, I’d like to pay it forward – but I need your help. Here are 2 options:

1) The Musicians’ Success Formula: 6-week video training program to help move bands and solo artists forward. Very affordable with extra perks! Every program purchased will help sponsor a camper. Click this video or this web page for more info.

2) Discount Travel Club: Save $ on travel, get paid to travel, AND help out the cause. Great for anyone who travels for business or pleasure. Sign up for only $30 and help a camper. More info here.

Who can YOU help?

Start thinking about organizations for whom you can speak, volunteer, or perform. Think of all the people you can bless. You might even think of switching up the songs you write or the clients you choose to target. You never know what kind of positive ripples you’re creating.

Warning: Paying it forward can be really habit-forming. But it’s something this world really needs.

How about you? What’s your passion? Feel free to leave a comment below!

Dori Staehle, MBA lives in the Raleigh, NC area and is the Chief Encouragement Officer and Rhythm Maker at Rock the Next Stage. She is a Musician on a Mission: To help people rise up and rock the next stage of their talent, business, and their life. She’s also an inspirational speaker, podcast host, percussionist, therapeutic drumming facilitator, and best-selling author of Find Your Divine Rhythm: A Creative’s Success Formula. To contact Dori, click here.