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Are You Leading with Your Heart?

sunset in heart handsWhen you make business decisions, are they fueled by how much money you can make or how your product or service can benefit your customers or clients?

I’ve worked with many different companies, ranging from international banks, insurance companies, colleges, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The companies that put profits ahead of people were easy to spot. They were the ones that had high turnover rates and customer complaints.

Some used “bait and switch” tactics and then wondered why their employee morale was so low. Employees (and customers) didn’t feel valued. In fact, they felt duped. I’ve even seen companies who touted themselves as “Christian” but the way they treated their customers and employees was anything but.

This begs the question: Are you purpose-driven or profits-driven?

Heart-centered leadership

In my recent post, Can You Be Sensitive and Successful?, I discussed the importance of emotional intelligence or EQ. Listening, being empathetic, and showing people you care can go a long way.

Businesswoman writing some documentsHere are some tips to keep in mind:

1) Have a clearly-defined mission statement: Do you have one? If you have employees, do they know what it is? Are you following it?

2) Know your “why”: Why do you do what you do? You may need to re-visit this if you veer off track.

3) What are your core values? These can include things like honesty, integrity, achievement, spirituality, recognition, fun, etc. The first two are pivotal. Remembering to do fun things every once in a while is a win/win for everyone.

4) Know your employees and customers’ concerns: One way to keep people happy and keep the train moving forward is to value the opinions and concerns of your employees and your clients or customers. Take their suggestions seriously. You may not be able to implement all of them but it can give you a different and perhaps much-needed perspective. It also tells you what they value.

5) Give back: Yes, every company needs to make a profit or they won’t be in business for very long. However, never forget where you came from. Finding ways to give back not only blesses others, it blesses you as well.

This holiday season, let’s not focus on the bottom line so much that we forget the Golden Rule: Treat others the way we wished to be treated. Don’t get so caught up with profits and sales quotas that you lose sight of the big picture. Lead with love.

Are you implementing these strategies? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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