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Scoring a Touchdown in Your Biz or Career

Whether you’re a football fan or not, you probably know that the Superbowl game is coming up. This made me think of the following question: What are you doing to score a touchdown in your business or career?

I’m actually not a big sports fan but I had to learn about the game of football when I was in international banking in New York City many years ago. I was the only female in my group. We were in sales and often wined and dined clients. I wanted to learn how to add to the conversation when the guys said “Hey, what did you think of that game?” So, here’s a fun little analogy that you can apply to your business or music career.

You can’t win without a strategy

No matter if you’re a speaker, entrepreneur, or musician or singer, you need to have a strategy for your business and for each event or client. You can’t just hop out there and wing it.

Football teams know that they need to run certain plays depending on their opponents and what quarter they’re in. They also need to be flexible when they realize that certain plays aren’t working and switch things up.

• Have you mapped out a strategy for the year or by quarter?
• Have you taken the field or are you still sitting on the bench?
• Have you put in the time by practicing and honing your skills?
• Do you have a team and a coach to help you? Or…
• Are you just hoping and wishing that the stars will align and you’ll magically score a touchdown?

You’ve got to up your game

Have you ever seen a team, a band, or a speaker who looks like they’re just phoning it in? Maybe they’ve gotten complacent or maybe they realize that they’re outmatched so they freeze up. You can’t play with the big boys (or girls) if you don’t up your game. That means you need to challenge yourself, learn from those who are more experienced, and decide to go for it. People may think you’re great in your little town or your little group but you don’t want to panic or fumble the ball because you weren’t ready for bigger events, clients, or stages.

Need some extra training and a confidence boost?

If you’re a musician, singer, creative type, or entrepreneur, I’ve got special programs and services to help you move your talent or career forward. I will also be launching a 6-week online training program called The Musicians’ Success Formula very soon. It’s an affordable and comprehensive video course that includes tips on marketing, mindset, branding, booking, stage presence, social media, time management, goal-setting and more!

It’s time to get in the game! Let’s rock!!

Dori Staehle, MBA lives in the Raleigh, NC area. She is the owner of Rock the Next Stage, Next Stage Entertainment, and Next Stage Drumming. Dori offers mentoring and management for serious musicians, as well as business and ADHD coaching for musicians and entrepreneurs. She’s also an inspirational speaker, podcast host, percussionist, and drum therapist and best-selling author of Find Your Divine Rhythm: A Creative’s Success Formula. To book Dori for speaking or drumming or to request info, click here.