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Two Words That Can Change Everything

There are loads of two-word sentences that can change the course of your life. These two words can change everything:

“I quit!”
“You’re fired!”
“I’m leaving.”
“I’m done.”
“You can’t.”
“I do.”

However, the first two words I’m referring to are these: “Now what?!” I think most of us said that when the pandemic hit.

However, if you’ve read my new book, Rise Up and Rock, or have been following me for any length of time, you know that I’m the Queen of the Pivot. I’ve pivoted more times than I can count.

Every time I hit a brick wall or the rug got pulled out from under me, I asked God: “Now what? What am I supposed to do now? How am I supposed to move forward?”

Maybe you’ve asked these questions yourself. Maybe it has nothing to do with your business or career but your personal life. Maybe you lost a loved one. How do you move forward?

1) You stop doing. You take a step back and you take break. You allow yourself to grieve. It doesn’t have to be the loss of a person. It could be your business, career, or the life you had, or the life you were expecting to have.

2) You re-assess: What do you need to do differently to help you move forward? Maybe you need to take some things off your plate, unsubscribe from email lists, or just stop doing things that really aren’t working.

3) You listen: You don’t scramble and hustle and drive yourself nuts trying to make things happen. This often pushes you away from where God really wants you to be. So you listen and wait for directions. You may not hear from God directly but you should receive signs and messages that keep popping up.

4) You prepare: Sometimes, the shift happens suddenly. It’s a good idea to prepare and line things up so that you’re ready. This could mean doing research, practicing or getting more training, finding out what or who you need to help you, or just setting things up so that you’re ready to propel forward.

Here’s a quick video with some illustrations:

Know that even positive people can have days when they just want to throw in the towel. I’ve had many of those days, especially this past year. But then, I began getting creative.

I then asked myself these two words: “What if?” And that’s when I took my business online. And it worked.

What if you tried doing things differently? What if you went after your dream? What if you decided to move forward and actually went for it?

So, I’m asking you today:

* What do you need?
* Would you like to know more about drum therapy and how it can help?

Feel free to leave a comment below or let’s set up a time for a free, 30-minute call. I have loads of connections and ideas, so if I can’t help you, I may know of someone who can.

It’s time to Rise Up and Rock! If not now, when?

Dori the Drum ChickDori Staehle, MBA is from the Raleigh, NC area and is a certified drum therapist, percussionist, mentor, ADHD specialist, Toca percussion artist, inspirational speaker and author, and owner of Next Stage Drumming. She helps kids and adults break free from what’s holding them back they can rise up and rock the Next Stage of their lives. Dori can provide her encouraging and interactive programs virtually to individuals and groups all over the world.