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Thankfulness and Paradigm Shifts

Black woman sitting with eyes closed outdoorsAre you feeling stressed out, scattered, or overwhelmed in your career, business, or life? It’s easy to do, especially with the holidays coming. I had a recent epiphany that may help you switch from feeling obligated to feeling thankful.

How many times do you say the words “I have to?” Think about it. Many of us do this automatically and don’t even realize it. You may say things like “I have to do a blog post,” “I have to call potential clients or employers,” or “I have to update my website.”

What you should be doing is giving thanks. These statements mean that you’re still plugging away at your business or career and you didn’t give up! You’re still here on this earth and you’re able to use your gifts and talents to bless others. You don’t have to do these things, you get to do them.

Drum circle2_HillsboroughThe Epiphany

As for me, I love doing drumming events! Loading and unloading all my drums and percussion instruments? Not so much. I have a lot of gear so it’s pretty labor-intensive and time consuming. Indoor events can be especially challenging because you have to navigate doors, elevators, or steps. It amazes me when people see the process but don’t offer to help to hold open doors for my many trips.

As I was having coffee with a musician friend last week, it hit me: I don’t have to do drumming events. I get to do drumming events. I almost forgot that the ability to drum was almost taken away from me by a freak accident and the injuries and rare disease it triggered. The fact that I can even walk, much less carry all my gear and drums, is amazing.

How did I heal? Drumming and Divine Intervention. I received a very clear message that I was to use my drums to help myself heal and heal others as well. If you don’t believe me, the healing properties of drumming are backed by tons of research and case studies. Either way, I am still here. And for that, I am thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!How about you?

Is there anything that you’re dismissing or taking for granted? Think about how often you say “I have to.” Maybe this includes seeing your relatives for Thanksgiving!

Once you realize that you get to do these things, your perspective may completely change! Make the most of what you do and your time with your friends and family. We are all more blessed than we realize. Happy Thanksgiving!

View More: http://em-grey.pass.us/new-years-mini-sessions-dori-web-optimizedDori “the Drum Chick” Staehle, MBA lives in the Raleigh, NC area and owns Rock the Next Stage and Next Stage Drumming. She’s an inspirational speaker, drum healer, consultant for ADHD and creative types, and best-selling author of Find Your Divine Rhythm: A Creative’s Success Formula. For more info or to book Dori, click here.