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Rebels: It’s Time to Rise Up and Rock!

Guitar Chick_flames

Have your ideas, abilities, or talents ruffled a few feathers? People then start questioning your credentials, your experience, or your direction – or they’ll poke fun at you. It’s easy to brush it off when it’s someone you barely know.

What do you do if it’s a close friend or family member? Would you stand tall and defend your dream or would you crumble? I was tested last week by two friends and quite frankly, I was stunned. It’s tough being a rebel who thinks outside the box.Stand tall and get ready to fly_DoriStaehle

Time to claim your superpower!

I realized that some people here in NC don’t know everything about me. They don’t know about my earlier businesses or the fact that I’ve taught myself many of my techniques for coaching, consulting, drum therapy, and drum healing. I’ve been doing this long before I started Rock the Next Stage or went for any drumming or coaching training.

It started with an insatiable curiosity and the desire to find fast and effective solutions. I made some pretty big discoveries along the way, which ticked off a lot of people. After all, I don’t have a Ph.D. I was “just a Mom” and later “just a drum chick.”

My tendency to quickly see correlations, solve puzzles, and create fast and effective solutions has not come without a price. I have been labeled a “hot shot,” a “rebel,” and worse. I’ve lost jobs and been blacklisted from a school district. I discovered the field of education just wasn’t ready for me, so I started my own business helping gifted, creative, and talented kids who were a lot like me.

I now also work with adults. I help them find and claim their superpowers and “uplevel.” I warn them to get ready for some fallout. I tell them that they may have some friends and family members who don’t want them to move ahead. You have to ignore their snide remarks or their “helpful” suggestions. They see you as they want to see you. They aren’t aware of your dreams, desires, or abilities. They also haven’t seen your superpower. Maybe you’ve hidden it so long, you’re not aware of it either.

What do I do with my clients? I identify their gifts and talents and brainstorm ideas on how they can use them. I also create a system to help them move forward, stay focused and on track, and remove any mindset issues that may be preventing them from succeeding. Some of these issues and patterns of self-sabotage go way back. I help them grab their cape and use their powers for good.

When people ask me what makes me think I can do some of the things I can do, I remember that scene from the movie, The Blues Brothers. I tell them I’m on a mission from God. He’s the one who gave me my abilities, knowledge, and techniques so I can help people claim and use their gifts. Any questions?

How about you?

Are you a rebel? Do you have different techniques or talents that make you stand out? Have you faced criticism from others? Are you holding steady or barely holding on? Let’s chat! You can snag a complimentary strategy session here.

SuperEntrepreneur_copyright_DoriStaehleDori Staehle is the Chief Encouragement Officer and Rhythm Maker at Rock the Next Stage. She lives in the Raleigh, NC area and offers business, success, and ADHD coaching for creative and talented people, therapeutic drumming and fun drumming events, and motivational speaking. Her ground-breaking study, The Gifted/ADHD Connection has uncovered what really causes ADD/ADHD, has kept thousands of kids off of stimulants, and is mentioned in her best-selling book, Finding Your Divine Rhythm: A Creative’s Success Formula. In her spare time, Dori plays percussion in the rockin’ band at New Horizons Fellowship.