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Exploring Your Hidden Gifts

What do the following movies have in common: Gifted, Hidden Figures, Little Man Tate, and Good Will Hunting.

If you need to cheat, you can click the titles to view the movie trailers and descriptions. Give up? All 4 movies feature extremely unusual levels of talent and brilliance. All of the main characters had their gifts from an early age and didn’t think it was any big deal. All of them came from humble beginnings. No one expected them to have amazing gifts and talents, so people made assumptions about them and underestimated them. So, they hid their gifts – until they got the chance to shine.

What’s really going on?

Before I started my current business, Rock the Next Stage, I worked with highly gifted, talented, and creative kids. These were brilliant kids with amazing gifts. I was able to easily identify them within minutes because I have really good radar and I know what questions to ask. I could also predict IQ levels within several points, after a brief consult. When I told them what’s really going on and they’re not weird but gifted, they were relieved.

I then told them we needed to find ways to help them to use their powers for good. This usually meant finding or creating a more appropriate educational environment, like homeschooling or a special private school, and making a few additional changes to alleviate what appeared to be ADHD (but wasn’t). I also found them mentors and some great opportunities.

Many of the adults I’ve worked with or spoken to at a speaking engagement were feeling antsy, stuck, or like something’s missing because they hadn’t come to terms with their gifts and their giftedness. They might have gotten in trouble at school or at work for speaking up and they never quite fit in, so they dialed it back.

They may be entrepreneurs now or performers but something still felt off. They felt like they could be doing so much more. Sound familiar?

How to get in the groove

In business and in life, we all have peaks and valleys. Even though I am positive and encouraging most of the time, I have hit some walls as well. Here are some tips to stay in the groove:

1) Don’t make assumptions: Many people assume they just need some quick tips. When something feels off, you need to go way deeper.

2) Stop and listen: It works in music and in life. How many of us really listen to what people are saying? How many ask God for things but don’t bother to listen for the answers?

3) Rest: One of my biggest regrets this year is that I didn’t take any time off. I pushed so hard I wiped myself out. You need to take vacations. You need to rest. For those of you who read music, what’s that little squiggly thing? It’s the rest symbol. That tells you to stop.

4) Get ready to switch things up: Once you gain extra clarity, you may realize that you’ve been playing it safe or holding back. You may need to drop something to clear the path, so you can finally release your gifts and be the YOU that God made you to be.

Can you relate? Feel free to comment below! If it feels like something’s off, let’s talk! Click here to schedule a complimentary, 30-min. call.

Dori Staehle, MBA lives in the Raleigh, NC area and is the Chief Encouragement Officer and Rhythm Maker at Rock the Next Stage. She is a Musician on a Mission: To help people rise up and rock the next stage of their talent, business, and their life. Dori is also a motivational speaker, coach and mentor, drum chick, podcast host, and a best-selling author. She’s also the author of the ground-breaking study, The Gifted/ADHD Connection. To book Dori, click here.