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One Person Can Make a Big Impact

Has anyone given you a helping hand? For me, it was just a simple act but it set the wheels in motion for my whole drumming career. The worship pastor at my church gave me a shot on percussion. I auditioned with no lessons and I had never played congas or bongos before. Well, I messed around a bit when I was a kid on my Dad’s bongos and conga drums but I never played actual songs with a real band. I just had rhythm inside of me. That was nearly 13 years ago and I’ve been playing with them ever since (The above photo was the original percussion setup. We’ve switched it up a bit since then.).

Because Tim gave me a shot, I figured out how to use drumming to help with stress relief and ADHD issues. I experimented with different techniques, which proved to be quite successful. I later went for additional training in therapeutic drumming and drum therapy and before I knew it, people I barely knew were donating money to help me purchase hand drums so I could move my dream forward. I now had a drumming component of my business, which I named Next Stage Drumming. That was in 2013.

Ripple Effect

I began to think of all the people I’ve shared my drums with in private and group sessions, at conferences (like this one), private parties, corporate events, and on my sunset drum cruises on a local lake. Because of Tim, I’ve shared the joy and healing power of drumming with hundreds of people! I also gained the confidence to play professionally with local artists and I teach drum lessons on the full drum set (I taught myself recently. It was on my bucket list!).

And let’s not forget that it was therapeutic drumming that helped me heal after the freak accident in 2011. I later wrote my best-selling book, Find Your Divine Rhythm: A Creatives’ Success Formula, and have appeared on tons of podcasts because of it. Had I not stepped onto that stage 12 years ago to audition, none of this would have happened. Pretty mind-blowing, huh?

How about you?

Has someone been the spark in your life? Have you been the spark? Or maybe you’re thinking of doing something that can make a positive impact. It could be something as simple as giving someone a job lead or sharing a referral. It could be a donation, a kind word of encouragement, or checking in with someone. It could be something you wrote or performed that touched someone’s heart. Maybe it even changed their life and, in turn, the lives of others. You never know.

Or maybe it’s a big mission you been thinking about but haven’t started yet! The world needs what you have to offer now more than ever!

Do you have a story of how one person made a difference in your life? Feel free to leave a comment! Do you want to get something started? Click here and let’s chat!

Dori Staehle, MBA lives in the Raleigh, NC area and is known as Dori the Drum Chick. She owns Rock the Next Stage and Next Stage Drumming. Her mission is to encourage, empower, and equip kids and adults through drumming, mentoring, and motivational speaking. Dori has enough drums and percussion instruments for 50+ people and she’s a best-selling author. She takes her drums and her story on the road and helps people rise up and rock. To contact Dori, click here.